Monday, January 27, 2014

Banding the Bottom is All the Rage!

I am so excited to share today's tutorial with you! It is very easy and oh so cute!  I used sweatshirt fleece that I found on sale at the local fabric store and the All the Rage Raglan pattern.
For little girls I love the longer length cutting line (I did the 13" cutting line on the size 1) with the banded bottom for a cozy tunic look.  If I was sewing for a boy I would probably choose a more hip length.

To start with you will cut both your front and back pieces and the sleeves. for the banded bottom you will cut 2 band pieces each a couple to several inches shorter than the width of the pattern piece based on the stretch of you fabric. I ended up doing 2-3 inches shorter since when I stretched my band pieces fully they just met the ends of the front and back pattern piece.

For the sleeve bands you will cut 2 on the fold and inch or so shorter than the sleeve piece (folded). I only did an inch shorter - I could have done less and had them come in more, but working with a size 1 the sleeve is already quite narrow.

Sew the hem bands together - right sides together. Now fold the hem band piece in half so you will have the good fabric showing on either side. Attach it to the bottom of the shirt. I started by pinning the side seams of the shirt and the side seams of the hemband.  Now you will have to pull the band but not the shirt and stretch and pin. You will also have to stretch it a bit as you sew it (since that is a 2 hand job I don't have any pics - oops). I find it easiest to sew the hemband on with a basting stitch and then taking it to the serger to finish (or zigzagging the edges if you don't have a seger)

You will follow the same steps for attaching the sleeve bands to the sleeves. 

and all done!

Now for a little bonus:

Getting the artwork onto the shirt! 
I use this wax transfer paper stuff that you can pick up at the fabric store

I pinned my picture at the top and then slid the paper underneath it, dark side down. Now you trace over it with a dull pencil, you may need to push hard if you use a thicker fabric like I did.  

Then get our your fabric markers and draw on top! I will be honest, I love the colour range this marker set has, but I found the tips to wide for getting detailed, which is my preferred art/drawing style. 

As you can see in the below picture - these markers were MUCH to wide for doing a tidy speech heart

I just could not handle the sloppy look of that speech bubble and so I cut a heart out of the sweatshirt fleece and went for the good ol' reliable extra fine point sharpie. Wrote the words on, stitched the heart on and then for a bit of fun I did a simple backstitch with embroidery thread by hand around the heart. 

Much MUCH better!

And here is the full view of the banded all the rage raglan! I am in love with it and my youngest valentine is ready for February! (but not SO holiday themed she can't wear this right though until summer!)

The All the Rage Raglan pattern has many more options to it, hoods, mock sleeves, a section on upcycling, and even 15" and 18" doll pattern versions! 

Will you be making a themed outfit for Valentine's day? 

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