Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lace it UP! Elbow patches!

Can you believe #LaceitUp March is almost over??!!! CRAZY!!!!! But you have until the end of the 31st to enter your pics into the challenge album in the Facebook Group!

I grabbed my inspiration for this look from some of my roots and from a real life friend of mine! (yes, I do have a couple of those! Can you believe that is still a thing? lol)

I used the Sisboom Leighanna dress as I wanted a simple dress with a nice width of sleeve for adding on those hexagon elbow patches! I did the neckline a little tighter than the pattern, to try and make it warmer and I skipped the drawstring.

There are so many great hexi tutorials out there so I won't bother explaining them as I'm sure my directions would make true quilters and hexi makers cringe. 
BUT for the lace I grabbed a bit of fabric and put lace over it and basted it on around the edges (black thread), then I cut the lace to shape. After that I followed a tutorial for making the shape. I did my hexagons a bit larger. I just used the shape tool on a computer program to make one and hit print :)  

Find where the elbow will be (ish) I ironed a crease down the center of the sleeve to help me get the patches on straight and sew around the edges and then complete the dress!

A nice and easy way to add a little fun to a basic dress !

Happy sewing! I'd love to hear where you are grabbing inspiration from lately!


Shanna said...

Oh I love it!!

Rachel Hodges said...

Oh my gosh. The cuteness. The utter cuteness.