Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We have a NEW pattern coming out for BOYS (and it looks great on girls too)

We are super excited to show you our latest pattern hitting the shops soon! 

The Field Research Pants!

Whether a budding botanist, emerging entomologist, or rising geologist, your young explorer will need a pair of pants that will go from field to stream in any season. The Field Research Pants can be super simple (pants 101), or highly complex (senior thesis) depending on the desired options. 
The basic pants are composed of separate front and back pieces. The waistband is finished with a facing, and is elasticized in the back. Multiple cutting lines are provide so the waistband can sit at the natural waistline or a bit lower. The cargos can be made as knee length shorts, or in a range of pant lengths. 

Optional design features include:
  • Mock fly
  • Belt loops
  • Hip pockets
  • Back pockets
  • Side pockets

Just like science, the Field Research Pants are for boys AND girls alike! With a size range of 3-4 to 13-14, you can fit many important developmental stages

From August 22, 2014 - August 29th, 2014 this pattern will be available exclusively in the Bundle UP Boys sale over at http://bundleupsale.com/

In September (and onward) the pants pattern will be in our Etsy shop.

We had so many great testers with these pants and all the options were made. Here are their photo's!

Jeanne's son in the shorts option 

Holly sewed up a fall pair in the full length pant option, no zip off. 

Darcie did the shorts version  

Kelly did all the options, all the pockets and the zip off legs! 

Lore did all the pocket option in shorts length

Tera made her son the basic pant option with the pockets! 

And now, here are the girly versions!!!

I made Berry 2 pairs in home decor weight florals, basic pants but all the pockets!

Jenny made her daughter a shorts pair 

And our Cathy made a shorts pair for her daughter in basic quilters cotton. They look light and comfy for summer to me!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Win it before you can buy it! Boys BundleUP

We are so excited to be in another Bundle UP sale and with a brand NEW pattern!!!! 

Here is a little sneak peek from our Tester Kelly at Handmade Boy!

I'm sure you've seen by now the 12 fabulous NEW designs coming in the Bundle UP Boy's Sale. The Bundle Up designers listened well to boy mamas and their requests for fashionable patterns with lots of options. Have you seen the patterns yet??? The Bundle UP boy patterns will be available for sale next week HERE, but until then you have the opportunity to win them before you can buy them. Sweet! Enter at the bottom of this post.

Coming Aug 22-29 at www.bundleupsale.com

Coming Aug 22-29 at www.bundleupsale.com

Coming Aug 22-29 at www.bundleupsale.com

 Coming Aug 22-29 at www.bundleupsale.com

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tobago gets a ruffled skirt!

I just HAD to try it out and see how the Tobago (it goes up to size 13/14!) would look as a hi-lo and as a dress and layered. Cute? I think so! ... but Cheeks does tend to make everything look adorable haha.

To start with you are going to need to draw a pretty steep curve on your bodice front piece. A few inches up on the fold line meeting the corner for the side seam

on the back piece you want to even out that hemline to a gentle curve

When you put your front and back pieces together you will have this - now, you could sew it up like this for an adorable baby crop(ish) looking top) or you can keep going for the skirt. 

Either way - sew the shirt as directed in the pattern before moving on to the ruffled skirt option.

(Cut your skirt strips according to the length you want the dress/top to be...  ) 

Sew the strips together at each short end.

 Now set your stitch length to the longest you have and sew two lines leaving nice long tails (see what I'm holding) for gathering the skirt portion.

Grab those long strings by the bobin threads and pull to gather. Gather until your skirt is the same width as the shirt and then put the right sides together of the shirt top and the skirt piece and pin in place.

Make sure your stitch length is back at normal and sew the skirt to the top! Finish te seams via the zigzag stitch or serger and then topstitch on the good side!

All done and oh so cute for fall! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Katie/Judy Pants Get the Short End. A Tutorial for Shorts on the Line

I really do adore the fit and construction of the Katie Fancy Pants, but for summer the kiddo needed some shorts! I really do like 'play' length shorts for everyday. 

When we were invited to join Shorts on the Line I knew the exact tutorial I wanted to do for you all! (Since I have heard many requests for turning the Katie's and Judy's into shorts) 

This tutorial has 2 pictures! Can I even call it a tutorial with only 2 pictures? Anyways, tutorial or not, this is EASY to do! (and I don't know about you but come summertime I like easy sews a lot!)

Step one, line up your front and back pattern pieces and then put a ruler across the narrowest part - that is the knee(ish) length. If you want longer or shorter - raise or lower the placement of the ruler.

Step 2 compare the new "bottom hem" width with the facings and take an even amount off both sides of the facing so it matches up with the width of your new Bottom.

Then you sew the pants (now shorts) up exactly as described in the pattern! There are no changes to construction at all!

My daughter's hips are a little bit narrow so I am hoping it means she should be able to wear these next summer too! WAHOO!

Happy sewing!!!!! Come and join us on facebook in our LAB group for even more fun!

Here is the Shorts on the Line schedule so you can check out all the awesome! :