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Full Apron Betsey Tutorial

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Hi there, Michelle here from SewJourners. I'm here to show you how to add a bodice to the Betsey Apron. This apron is perfect for holiday entertaining, gift-giving and cookie prep!

Ever since my daughter was 18 months old our favorite pastime has been baking muffins together. She started out by simply tipping the measuring cups into the mixing bowl, and sprinkling the streusel...well everywhere. Now at a whopping two and a half years old she is a true boss in the kitchen. She gets out all the supplies and wants to do as much as possible by herself. Enter much-needed aprons!

Until now we've been using basic aprons that were graciously gifted to us, mine for my wedding and hers at her baby shower. I decided it was time to make us some mommy-and-me matching aprons to add a sentimental touch to our special memories and get her even more excited to bake with me if that is at all possible.

Initially I began to draft my own pattern, but then I saw the Sis Boom Betsey Apron and it was exactly what I was hoping for and so much more. I mean really so much more. I would have never come up with these side bows that take this apron to the next level.

I used Happy Home fabrics by SewCaroline, available here. These prints are perfect for this fully reversible apron. There are so many combos that work, and the text is spot on for an apron.
The Betsy is a very fashionable half apron. However when my daughter and I are in the kitchen, things get messy! So we needed something with a front bodice. Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to add one without needing any additional pattern pieces. So grab for yourself the Betsey Apron pattern, some fabric, and lets get started! 

What you'll need:
  • The Betsey Apron pattern available here, and any supplies listed there.
  • About 2 fat quarters in coordinating fabric.
  • Additional bias tape. (length depends on your preferred closure method)

You will need to make one change to the cutting instructions on the pattern. Instead of cutting one belt center piece you will cut two in the following dimensions:
  • Child: 3 1/2" x 28"
  • Misses: 4" x 36"
  • Womens: 4" x 42"
Complete the following steps prior to the Apron Belts and Ties section of the pattern instructions.

Measure the distance between both sets of snip marks on your main apron fabric and add 1" to that measurement. That is the width of your bodice piece. You can then measure from your center waist, over the bust curve, up to the height you would like your bodice to go, then add another 1-2" to that measurement. 
For mine the child bodice was 13" x 9 1/2" and the misses was 18" x 13 1/2". (W x H)
Cut your two bodice pieces. 

Match up both bodice pieces with right sides facing and sew short sides with 1/2” seam allowance.

Turn right side out and press seams.
Sew gathering stitches along the top edge of the bodice.
Gather enough so that it becomes about half its original width.

Clip or pin your bias binding over the gathered edge of the top of the bodice. Now determine how long you want the bias tape, by trying it on. I chose to apply snaps to mine so I needed just enough to go around my neck. You will need more if you want to tie it in a bow. Trim bias tape 1/2" longer then your preferred length.
*Keep in mind strangulation safety when doing the child version. Velcro is another closure option.

Fold the short ends of the bias tape in 1/4" so there are no raw edges showing.

Using the same method explained in the pattern, sew 1/8" along the edge of of the bias tape, starting and ending at the short ends and securing it to the bodice. Add snaps to the ends now if you'd like.

When you get to the Apron Belt and Ties section on the pattern instructions, apply the instructions for figure C to both center belt pieces. 
Skip the instruction for figures D and E.

For figure F we will lay our two center belt pieces lined up together as pictured below. Unfold the upper and lower folds, but not the inside folds, and attach to the tie pieces as instructed. 

Follow along in the pattern and when instructed to attach the main apron to the center belt you will attach it to the lower edge of one of the belts. 
Then we will attach the bodice to the upper edge of that same belt in the same fashion.

Bring the other belt around to the front and place directly over the belt with the apron attached, wrong sides facing, making sure to cover all the seams. 

Pin, clip or wonder tape in place.

Topstitch as instructed in the pattern. (figure D)

And you're done! Well you really should add those side bows. They are so much fun!

Now for an idea of what my daughter was really thinking when we took these pictures:

And yes, she did get one:

or two...

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