Friday, November 28, 2008

Mama's Holiday

After a week of serious cleaning, unpacking (we are officially "out of boxes" now), and general fretting, I was so looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving day. Chef Del got up at about 4:00 to get things started in the kitchen. He has this amazing ability to single-handedly put together an incredible feast. He is so focused and organized - it is really something to watch. For the most part, though, I stay out of the kitchen when he is in that "mode." We both stay happy (and married) that way.

While he was getting the turkey in the oven, I treated myself to a 45 minute yoga practice. It wasn't anything too vigorous, just some nice stretches and twists. Lou was still sleeping, so I was able to get deep into the poses without fear of being trounced. My shoulders have been feeling tight and achy (too much hunching over the keyboard, I think) and it really helped release the tension.

Our household is a little bigger for the holiday - my stepkids Dan (18) and Emily (13) are here. They are so much fun to have around, and they are great with Louie. Dan is Louie's hero.

While Dan entertained Louie, Emily and I snuck off to the sewing room. She's been my sewing buddy ever since she was 6 years old. She KNOWS fabric and fashion. She'll be on Project Runway someday, I'm sure of it. Here she is drooling over designer fabric online:

When I was in my organizing frenzy last week, I set aside fabrics for the specific projects I had in mind. This is what I picked out for my SIL, Sonja:

Sonja is 6 months pregnant, and has nothing but baby on the brain. I was there not so long ago, so I can totally relate. I decided to make a boutique style diaper bag for her gift. A girl can never have too many bags, right? Since we already know that she is having a little boy, I decided to go with fabrics that were blue, but still soft and pretty. The sweet toile is something I picked up at Affordable Fabrics in Rocky Hill, CT. Oh how I miss that place! Everything is $1.99 a yard, and there are some scores to be had. At that price, I allowed myself to pick up three or so yards "just because." The Minky is leftover from a raglan I made recently. That stuff is oh-so nice and soft, and that color just sceams baby boy. The lining fabric is cream muslin from my stash.

I used the Aivilo Pocket Handbag pattern from I love that it comes in a range of sizes, and includes optional instructions for adding a zipper. It was such a fun and easy project. I was able to whip this baby out in half a day (and that includes taking the time to digitize/stitch out the monogram, eat a feast, and catch a nap).

So I'm chalking yesterday up to the perfect holiday. Not only did I get to do yoga, spend time with my family, and eat like a queen, I was able to cross a gift off my list (and I didn't spend a dime on it)!


Dawn said...

Love the diaper bag-I know I would love to get it as a gift!! Hey, I think we are close to each other-I'm in Massachusetts right near the CT border. My sister lives in CT-also a scientist, she's a chemist who used to work at Uniroyal but went back for her teaching cert and is now teaching 11 grade chemistry in New Britian. My brother in law teaches physics in Thomaston (not sure that's spelled right). He was an engineer but also went back for his teaching cert.

littlebuttercups said...

uuummmmmmm! Can we say GORGEOUS! Sounds like you had a great day! Just started playing with my embroidery machine and loooovvvvviiiinnnnggggg it!