Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go ahead, mock me.

Do you know how hard it is to find a black turtleneck and olive green pants in size 6? When Louis told me he wanted to be Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz for Halloween, I ordered him a lab coat off of Amazon. I figured I could get the rest of the outfit locally. I had my eyes peeled for about a month, but finally went on a mission to the mall day before yesterday. No luck, and too late to order off the internet. So I went to Joann and bought fabric instead. I was actually a little relieved - last year I felt horribly guilty for buying him an Ironman costume at Costco. He LOVED it, but come on, I sew for a'd think I could put a little effort into making my own kid a simple costume.


I picked up some black interlock for the shirt and some green corduroy for the pants. I figured as long as I was going to the trouble, I could go ahead and add some appliques to the outfit to 1) make it a little more special, 2) make it obvious who he was supposed to be, and 3) have a custom set ready for him to wear to Disneyworld next spring.


For the mock turtleneck, I used my Raglan Shirt pattern. I doubled the length of neckband (cut the piece on two folds rather than one), and even though the fabric had at least 100% stretch, I used the 75% cutting line just so I could be sure it would fit over his head. Otherwise, I put it together exactly as described in the pattern.


Doofenshmirtz doesn't get very far with out Agent P (Perry the Platypus) popping up, so I added him to the Easy-Fit pants.


We still need to work on hair and makeup, but he has the evil scientist look down pat!


Curse you, Perry the Platypus!



Anonymous said...

How awesome!!!! He's too cute!!! Great job, Mama!

With friendship,

MB said...

Wow! That is a very cool costume! Morning sickness has been haunting me this month so my boys get to wear their costumes from last year. sigh. Thanks for sharing your creativity. :) I'm already dreaming about next year.


Beth O. said...

Very cool.
I too spent yesterday madly putting together a Nickelodeon Cartoon themed costume for my youngest daughter. (Fiona & Cake from Adventure Time)Why is it so hard to find plain basic garments this time of year? I would think someone would realize that creative costume makers are desperate for them this time of year for the basis of Halloween costumes. I looked everywhere for a plain light blue long sleeved T-shirt. Finally found a sweater at Old Navy that would work, had to completely rebuild it with my serger to make it fit right and be the correct length.

Your little mad scientist is adorable. Hope he gets lots of goodies and has a great Halloween!

Sandi said...

very cute! We love Phineus and Ferb at our house, too!

Abfabulies said...

Very nice applique. And you make it sound so simple :-)

Bunny said...

Adorable! Beautiful applique work.

Regina said...!

Ale jc said...

First can I say I JUST LOVE your wee buglet and his super mom

Second Carla...January is tool time
at I would love to invite you to share one of your special tools...As a fellow Bsc in Nursing and Nutrition, I can tell you , you bring many smiles...
I have a couple dates that I hope will suit best mdm samm