Saturday, March 3, 2012

Divine Devon!

I've taken way too long to introduce the newest downloadable Sis Boom pattern - the Devon Peasant Top/Dress ! Like our other popular peasant, the Meghan, this versatile style is super easy to sew, can be made in a range of lengths, and has lots of sleeve options!


Our sweet friend Judy of Hickity Pickity was one of the first to ask for this pattern. The child-sized Leighanna Peasants she made were selling like hotcakes in Florida boutiques, so she knew there was going to be a demand for the mama version. Of course, the first thing she did was make a coordinating set for her beautiful daughter and granddaughter.

Photobucket is good!


My Texas buddy Jenny also made herself a bright and happy Devon Peasant out of Girl's World Vibe Fabric. She is a self-declared jeans and t-shirt gal, but she and her daughter both loved this classy, yet comfortable top. I adore the color on her!


Jeanne has been testing for me for years now, so I feel like I know her favorite colors and prints. This one really brings out her beautiful eyes and hair. Even though I chose the fabric, she gets all the credit for sewing the top and looking so pretty in it, of course!


I always love love love Jenny's creations! Read about the Devon she made to coordinate with her daughter's Marissa Dress! They both look SO Sis Boom stunning!


My awesome Head Technician Cathy rocks the Devon, which is actually named after one of her lovely little daughters! Read her Sewing Story here!


And how is cool is this?...I got to meet up with Cathy and long-time testers/great friends Tom, Marlo, and Shannon at Disney last month! Notice that Shannon has her Devon on - so pretty, and perfect for a Florida vacation!


I got to see this little beauty, too (the kid, not the top). This is Marlo's tween daughter Nicole, and she is such the Sis Boom Girl! She is mature enough to comfortably chitty-chat with all the adults, but not too grown-up to have a blast at the kids' table!


This one is hot off the presses...Monique blogged it just yesterday, and Jennifer blogged it today! My jaw seriously dropped when I saw it - I love this on her! The style, the print, (and as someone commented) the smile - everything is just gorgeous!

Devon became available on just last week, and is already holding the top spot in the "Most Popular" section! Can't wait to see all the Devons that are about to bloom this spring!!!


sewfunbymonique said...

Love, love, this pattern! Keep up the awesome pattern designing! xoxo

teresajoy said...

Everyone looks so cute in their tops.

Jennifer said...

look at this round up!!!!! Fabulous ladies all and fabulous top!!!!! Thanks for all you do for this incredible team!!! love, Jennifer

crissy baker said...

due to your general awesomeness in the world of craft, i nominated you for the versatile blogger award! you don't have to do anything... or participate... but if you want to just check out my blog! also, if you already got one, oops and nevermind! xoxo!