Friday, May 9, 2014

SEWFAB SEWING! The Norah dress/tunic!

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Are you loving all the #SEWFAB sewing you are seeing in blogland this week? I'm hoping it helps you all find some summer sewing inspiration!

Today I am going to show you the Mouse House Creation Norah's I made for my girls! (which goes all the way to girls size 12!)

First let's get the SEWFAB details out of the way... Remember the sale ends May 13th at 11:59 EDT/EST :)

Sew Fab Spring 2014 collage

For less than $30 you get a library of sewing resources that you can use over and over again.

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Now, onto the sewing! This pattern is really versatile! Sleeve length option so it is a great fall/winter sew for all you on the opposite side of the world heading into the winter! I choose the sleeveless option for my Norah's and I chose a different collar option for each girl.

(embroidery design from Urban Threads)

Both girls got matching(ish) tunic length Norah's. I love to have the coordinate, so I choose the same fabric, but different collars and Berry insisted her embroidery HAD to be in her favourite colour, yellow.

I seriously cannot wait to have the weather warm up enough for them to actually wear these outfits out and about! For now, indoor pics! haha. 

ps. those shorts you see with the tunics are in the pattern bundle and will be up tomorrow on the blog! 

The back is nice and easy with a button and tab. Do you love my nautical buttons? I found a whole bag of them for $1 at a fabric warehouse!

The top is lined on the top half making it perfect for embroidery and a tidy finish for the slit and sleeveless.

This dress/tunic is an aline style with just a wee bit of flare at the bottom making it perfectly sweet for the kiddo's! 

The outfit gets Berry's stamp of approval! Cheeks was more interested in the mini marshmallow bribery hah.

Have you bought the bundle yet? What pattern is first on your to sew list?

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