Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A look at the 2014 sewing!

A friend of mine added up how many items she's made this year and the number blew me away! THEN she said she didn;t know why I was so shocked as I've likely made a similar amount...

So here it is a photo collage of all the Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom patterns sewing I've done in 2014! 

I must admit I'm kinda shocked by the amount .... and all the tutorials can be found here on the blog!

Did you count as you went? well the number is 82 (3 items not pictured because it was exactly the same as the one pictured - the fun of 2 girls) 

How many items have you sewn in 2014? 

I'd call that a pretty successful 2014! Now.... Will I be able to outdo that number in 2015 ???

All the patterns can be found in our shop here 

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Brianne Matlage said...

holy smokes! I don't remember seeing berry's blue and yellow. dress. it's adorable!