Thursday, September 3, 2015

Does it work in knit? A little guide.

Let's talk about making woven patterns with knit fabrics! It is a question I see a lot of. So here are a few basics! 

When deciding on a pattern to make with knits you are going to need to decide whether to downsize or if it will work AS IS. 

Patterns like the Sisboom Devon/Leighanna and the Meghan and Molly and Scientific seamstress Portrait Peasant work as is.  They are all peasants and so you don;t have to adjust. The fit of the main will be a bit more flowy than woven.

 but because the elastic in the neckline is what gives a peasant the stay on and shape nothing needs to change. As . you will want to be certain the most stretch direction is across the body though. if you have the stretch go up and down you will get a very wonky hemline.

The marlo is another option where you can do AS IS - but if you want to lengthen the ruffle or size down a bit you can for a closer fit 

Here is Leah modelling her knit Marlo with lengthened ruffle, which means the kids version, Cathy would work as well in knit. 

Some patterns work FAB in knit as the main part. but because of the design still need the stability of some woven and so if you keep the collar/ top bands in woven you can do the rest in woven! 

An example of this would be the Sisboom Shana which you also saw on the blog back in january
Which means the kids version, Emily would work as well.

Another pattern that follows this principle would be the Sisboom Dana and Maddie. and the Sisboom Vanessa and Bettyann as well as the Scientific Seamstress Bebop 

The arrows point to the pieces you can cut out in knits. just leave the armbands,straps,top bands woven. These patterns NEED the stability of woven in those places to hold shap and stay on!

The Easy fits also work GREAT in knit and so do the Sisboom Judy/Katies. For the Judy and Katie's use woven for the waistband facing.

and Tortola and Tobago are great in knit as long as you use woven facing, again it needs the stability to hold shape. You do NOT need to size down or cut on the bias to do the tanks in knit.

And remember that this knowledge is transferrable. So have a look at the pattern and how it is constructed to decide whether to proceed with making it knit or not. 

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Wow thanks this is a great article. I will definitely try the Judy pants in knit now.

Paisley Roots said...

HOly flashbacks! Your girls are just growing up more and more beautiful every day. LOVE the shirts. I seriously want one for myself they look sooooo comfy!