Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everlasting Gobstopper of Pants

Check it out - Jessica used the Easy-Fit Pants pattern to make her son Dallas some PJs when he was barely 5 years old. Fast forward 4.5 years, and he is still wearing them! Look how much he has grown - he's gone from cute little kindergartner to handsome young man. His jammies, in the meantime, have gone from long pants to cool board shorts.


His mom is the sewing whiz behind Magical Memories by Jessica Boutique. She makes awesome appliqued shirts, dresses, and of course...PANTS! She says "I really love this pattern. I think this year I made him 3 new pairs for Christmas, birthday and our Disney trip." I love that she is still getting so much use out of it after all of these years!


Easy-Fits are great for boys and girls alike. They are soooooo easy to make (only 1 pattern piece), and are super comfy. The full-fit and long rise allows for years of wear. Louie wore the heck out of the pants he modeled in the picture above, and then we passed them down to his younger cousin. The pattern ranges from sizes 6 months - 10 years, and we have an adult version that goes from tween size up to 3X...Easy-fits Forever!