Friday, October 30, 2015

NEEEIIIGHHHHH!! Here is a how to make an animal hood for the all the rage raglan tutorial!

Costume sewing is done here!!! WAHOO!!!! I do NOT enjoy costume sewing as much as Carla does.... but the girls HAD to be horses.... So here is a quick how to change the hood cutting for making a hood mane. 

So for this get our your All the Rage Raglan and Easy Fits patterns and here is a very basic how to: 

sandwich mane in between hood pieces and sew (this was by FAR the worst part... 5 layers of fleece = yuck!)  
Then place ears in between hood front and hood main/main. a couple inches off center on both sides and sew the hood front to the hood main. Hem front of hood.

A also added a little tail to their easy fits :) 

and now they are ready to be horses! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

TWO ways to put on Face Knee Patches! and FREE face patch patterns

Step one: Print off the Sisboom Katie Pants in the size you need!  

Now measure where the top of the knee should be. on my child it was 7 inches below the crotch point - straight down. Cut your pattern at this line and remember to ad an extra half inch for seam allowance when you cut your pieces. You will cut to bottoms and 2 tops of the front piece - mirror image as per the pattern. 

Cut the back as per the pattern. 

If you want straight legs to your katie's like I did for the pink pair here is how: 

Now grab your knee faces ! There is a kitty, puppy, panda, and bunny face.

To make your ears sew right sides together leaving the ends open. If you do inner ears sew those right sides together and turn and then sew onto outer ears and then put outer ears right sides together and sew around leaving end open.

Now you will decide on face placement. You can free motion applique the face on or you can use buttons and ric-rac, and trims of choice. 

Sew the buttons and face features down.

Then place ears face down - right sides together and baste in place. 

Then finish the edge seam of the front bottoms and tops. and fold over and topstitch

pin the bottom fronts to the bottom tops and stitch in place, you will want to sew 2 lines or use a twin needle. 

Now finish sewing the pants as per the pattern

A quickie alternative is to make square patches and sew on to the pant leg fronts and then sew the pattern as directed.

and as always - join us in our Facebook group for even more sewalong fun and contests like this month's #sscostumes 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

drop that waist and wear a tunic!

Time for a woman's tutorial!!! (Although to be honest this will work just as well with the Sisboom Leighanna :) )

So get out your Devon pattern and let's get started!

First measure yourself for how long you want your tunic to be AND where you want the casing line. 
I marked a outtie triangle for where the casing line would be so when I cut I would just know for front and back. No guessing and measuring after cutting.

Once cut, draw a nice straight line from one triangle outtie to the other.

Now I measured my elastic to be the same as my waist where I wanted the cinching to be. 

tack the elastic down at both triangle outties and then stretch and pin in the middle.

You will now sew and stretch the elastic while you sew. 

Then complete your dress! I lowered the front slit a bit and skipped the ties. 

Easy peasy and cute! Time to put on your tunic and tights and grab your pumpkin spice treat!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yoga waistband Easy Fits Tutorial and a little Nursery Rhyme fun!

This October 2015 we are having some FUN in the LAB group and on facebook! hashtag your costume pics made with Scientific Seamstress or sisboom patterns #sscostumes (so we can search and find) and we will be finding a few people to cheer up :)

So let's start off this month's blog fun with a little inspiration from last year! 

I think I changed my mind a dozen times. But one thing I knew I wanted was something practical and warm and something that could be worn as an outfit or jammies after Halloween!
I used the All the Rage Raglan and the Easy Fits for this outfit. and Nimblephish's ITH mouse.

Cheeks brought me a book of nursery rhymes to read and I KNEW what I had to do!

The clock is a simple hand done applique to the front using felt and buttons and ric rac. I was able to complete this entire costume - including making the applique pattern pieces and cutting everything to sewn in one 4hr evening sewing stretch! I consider that a total WIN! 

I added a little dip and bias to the front of the shirt because I used a flannel lining to the hood which took away the stretch and I added arm cuffs and a hem band to help keep Cheeks cozy! For the pants I used the Scientific Seamstress Easy Fits pattern and made them in knit with a yoga waistband

To make a yoga waistband for your easy fits: 
1.Find some knit with a GREAT recovery and stretch (I prefer a nice 4way with some lycra) 
2. Cut a pieces of knit  measuring a few inches smaller than the waist measurement by about 8 inches tall (though height is preference - remember it will be folded in half)
3. Sew the ends together (right sides together)
4. Fold waistband in half wrong sides together. 
5. Place waistband inside pants - right side of pants to waistband. and then pin the waistband in place evenly around.

You will need to stretch the waistband to fit the pant. I generally pin front and back, and then sides. I find it easiest to just pin in quarters and then stretch the waistband as I sew. 

and all done!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tommy/Louey boxer sewalong day4

So lets finish these off! 

First off line up your crotch - raw edges, right sides together, un fold the bottom hem folds. Sew along and then zig-zag to finish the seam (or serge if you have a serger) 

Now re-fold your your side vents making sure that your hem is double folded up in there (can you see that in the picture?), pin and stitch. When I get to the top across I always sew over, back, and then over again.

Next re-fold your bottom hems (See aren't you glad you did all that ironing the 1st day?) Sew along the edges and you are done!

Here I am in my boxers - they are SOOOOO comfy!! (I think I need to make another pair...)

Here is the pair I made my husband - he loves his too, but he looked at me like I had three heads when I asked him if he wanted to model them. Haha.

We would love to see your pictures of completed boxers! post to the facebook page or in the Lab group