Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tommy/Louey Boxer Sewalong Day 3

To get the button in spot I am sure there is a better way to do it, but I always lay flat and then put a pic through the fabric right in the center of the button hole and then I know just where to center my button.

Ta-da! All done!  Isn't it lovely ! Now if only I had remembered to switch out my white thread to something that blended better with the fabric. Oh well, at least the button matches!

the non functional fly (aka easier fly - but just by a smidge)

Line the fly's up together and pin in place after you do the stitch down the side like indicated in the pattern.

Stitch around the sides and make the pentagon  and stitch the square about the top. 

And either fly you chose is now done! wa-hoo! Tomorrow we finish these up!

How was day 3 for you? any questions, concerns, comments? find us on facebook in our group.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tommy/Louey Boxer Sewalong Day 2

Hello, and welcome to day 2! I hope you all have had a wonderful day so far and that day one of sewing a long went off without a hitch.
 Now, who is ready to get their sew on?"! 

Today we start with the actual sewing! (ps. tomorrow we will work on the fly and I'll show you both the functional and non functional ways)

Let's begin by stitching the fly flap right along the edge on both the left and right pieces.

Next put your left and right sides on the back piece (right sides together) unfold the ironed hems and stitch. Don't forget to stitch a few stitches past your side vent snip and then ziz-zag those edges to finish them off !

Next line up your front crotch piece and stitch and then zigzag. (This pic is a different fabric because I made myself and my husband a pair - he loves his by the way... Despite the dreadful colour of fabric. I should buy more boy coloured fabric... )

Now get out your sport elastic!  Then mark your elastic based on the measurements given in the pattern for your size/s. 

Here in the second pic you can see two important things. 
1. How I marked my elastic for which size is which
2. That the spacing is shorter at the end - this is ok and should happen :)

Now you pin that elastic up to the notches you made (note: the side seams count as notches!)

Move your fabric back a bit and tuck the elastic in the fly flap and sew a long the top of the elastic - be sure to keep your elastic stretched as you sew! (VERY important to stretch your elastic!)

I usually keep one hand holding the fabric behind the foot and in front at the next pin coming up as I sew - I find it sews easier to keep it evening stretched. 

Then sew along the bottom edge of the elastic. You can sew a few more middle rows too if you want - but it is not necessary. I did 2 rows and that is it :)

That is the end of day 2 ! Easy peasy wasn't it? I bet you are thinking maybe you will just carry on and finish them tonight - well, you certainly can, but if you decide to wait we will be doing the fly tomorrow :) both functional and non functional. And remember you can find us on facebook and get help in The Lab.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Tommy/Louey Boxer Sewalong Day1

Hello all!!! Welcome to the Tommy/Louey boxer sew-a-long! 

To start this off I want to invite you all to join us on facebook in our group, The Lab! We will be chatting sew-a-long there and you can ask any questions you have! (we also have lots of other chatter too)

I want to do a quick show of printing how to before we get to the actual fabric. On the picture below you can see (as indicated by arrows) that you choose the pages to print based on the sizes you need, the printing guide is JUST at the end of the sewing instructions before the pattern pieces begin :) and you also want to be sure it prints at actual size! (do you see that 1 inch square in the background? Make sure to measure your square when you print - that is how you know you will be good to go !

Now to assemble your pattern (and any sisboom) I always assemble by letter row first and then put the rows together, I just find it the easiest way to do so. (Please excuse the blurry pic, I blame my toddler - she is obsessed with taking selfies lately... ) 

For cutting put your back piece on the fold as indicated and cut, and for the front pieces I folded the fabric and put the pattern near the edge so I would get mirrored pieces.

Now - the ironing... I don't know about you but ironing is probably my LEAST favourite part of sewing, but it is a necessity. So I recommend you grab some water in your empowerment mug and some candies to keep you going. I am partial to gummy candies! what is your favourite?

Ok - I'm ready for the ironing!

For the ironing the pattern directions are much clearer than I can be and they give you the perfect order to do your ironing in, so follow those!

However, I do want to highlight the fly ironing. I just read the left side how-to first and did the same for the right side and then had to re-do that (oops - please tell me I'm not the only one who has gotten lazy with reading ironing directions!). So, just in case you are like me, let me show you some clear pics of the differences between the left and right fly :

Here they are side by side so you can really see the differences:

And this my friends is where we stop for day 1! That wasn't too bad was it? (even with ironing hah)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

MY momiform and it's makeover!

Momiform MAKEover
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My usual fall and winter wear is yoga pants with a long sleeve tee layered with a husband's sweater to try and keep warm.... I don't do well with cold ... and I look like a Olsen twin crossed with a cat lady. 

So, my goal this momiform makeover was to make myself a long sleeve tunic to wear with tights and a little something extra to cozy it up!

For the long sleeve tunic I used the Sisboom Devon pattern and did one of the longest lengths and then did an elastic waist.

Tights are the peglegs by Patternsbypirates

I also deepened the slit in the front and skipped the ties. I added some elastic to the sleeves.

For the cozy outer layer I decided to get creative and used the Bowling Shirt pattern and made a tie it up cardi with a collar!

Material girl free motion applique pattern from by #stitchART

I did a fun flannel outer and a cozy plain flannel inside. Double layers of flannel should keep me warm all winter long as a layer and a coat this fall.

The cardi is awesome open or tied. The sash helps it have some shape in the back when open and when tied as well.

The tutorials for both of these items will be up on the blog starting next week!

Be sure to check out all the awesome series participants to get lots of momiform inspiration!

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Does it work in knit? A little guide.

Let's talk about making woven patterns with knit fabrics! It is a question I see a lot of. So here are a few basics! 

When deciding on a pattern to make with knits you are going to need to decide whether to downsize or if it will work AS IS. 

Patterns like the Sisboom Devon/Leighanna and the Meghan and Molly and Scientific seamstress Portrait Peasant work as is.  They are all peasants and so you don;t have to adjust. The fit of the main will be a bit more flowy than woven.

 but because the elastic in the neckline is what gives a peasant the stay on and shape nothing needs to change. As . you will want to be certain the most stretch direction is across the body though. if you have the stretch go up and down you will get a very wonky hemline.

The marlo is another option where you can do AS IS - but if you want to lengthen the ruffle or size down a bit you can for a closer fit 

Here is Leah modelling her knit Marlo with lengthened ruffle, which means the kids version, Cathy would work as well in knit. 

Some patterns work FAB in knit as the main part. but because of the design still need the stability of some woven and so if you keep the collar/ top bands in woven you can do the rest in woven! 

An example of this would be the Sisboom Shana which you also saw on the blog back in january
Which means the kids version, Emily would work as well.

Another pattern that follows this principle would be the Sisboom Dana and Maddie. and the Sisboom Vanessa and Bettyann as well as the Scientific Seamstress Bebop 

The arrows point to the pieces you can cut out in knits. just leave the armbands,straps,top bands woven. These patterns NEED the stability of woven in those places to hold shap and stay on!

The Easy fits also work GREAT in knit and so do the Sisboom Judy/Katies. For the Judy and Katie's use woven for the waistband facing.

and Tortola and Tobago are great in knit as long as you use woven facing, again it needs the stability to hold shape. You do NOT need to size down or cut on the bias to do the tanks in knit.

And remember that this knowledge is transferrable. So have a look at the pattern and how it is constructed to decide whether to proceed with making it knit or not. 

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