Monday, June 30, 2014

Almost at our Road Trip Stop - GIVEAWAY!!!!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Winner is comment #20 - Dina

On July the 7th out pattern hits the Road Trip Pattern Club!!!! It is AMAZING!!!! (I might be biased (and so is the pattern. hehe.) but I have made 5 of this pattern already and plan to make more! A summer staple and a good transition piece with a cardi in the fall!

To help you get ready for the pattern release I am going to leak a little info here,

For this pattern you will need 2yds of fabric for xs-s, 2.25yds for m-l, 2.5yds for xl-1x, and 2.75yds for 2x-3x. You will also want to make sure you like the look of the fabric on the bias ( folding diagonally to cut)

Are you excited? Well you should be!!! YOU have a chance to win a membership to the Road Trip Pattern Club !!! 

Want to win? LEAVE a comment! Tell us something you love about summer? A favourite style of yours? Anything happy you want !

Winner will be picked on Friday July4th at noon central time. If you don't have your email linked to your name you will need to provide an email address in your comment or your comment will not count in the giveaway draw. 

Want more details on the pattern club?  Click here to view more details You can buy the bundle at anytime during the tour and get all the already released patterns and all the upcoming ones! You don't miss out on any patterns at all by signing up in the middle of the tour!

Keep up to date with all the latest! Join our facebook group: Sisboom Patterns/Scientific Seamstress  and find the Road Trip Pattern club group on Facebook as well!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jeanine Jumper get's DRESS-y! (or TOP-y)

oh yes it is true! You thought you bought JUST a romper pattern, but this Jeanine jumper pattern is literally 3 easy peasy pictures from also being a top or dress!!!! Which is only 2 steps different from being a jumper !

What you will first do is lay your front and back pieces on the edge of the paper, crotch going off the paper as you see below. 

Trace a line around the front and back to get your new shapes for the top/dress. You will need to measure your lines to make sure they are equal, unless you are going for a hi-lo hemline of course.

Then on page 9 for the directions the onlt change you will make is sewing the side seams together on both sides so you can finish the armscyes.

Carry on with the pattern directions and you will end up with a top/dress instead of a jumper! 

How easy isn't that? Will you be making the Jeanine Jumper into a top or a dress?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Road Trip time with MODKID!

This stop on the Road Trip pattern bundle Tour is MODKID and this gorgeous kimono wrap!

This pattern is based on your own measurements so you get the PERFECT fit and length you want! Don't worry about the math, even for my post baby having math challenged brain sewing late at night it was EASY math and simple, nothing harder than addition and measuring a few places! (Jeanine speaking to clarify, Carla is awesome at math. I am not)

The directions and pictures to guide you are very clear and to the point. This pattern is also a very quick sew! A couple of hours I had had gone from washed fabric by the yard to a finished kimono! I also followed Patty's tip of tacking down the tie so I don't lose it and doing the belt loop option.

I used a cotton lawn to make my kimono and love the light weigh flowy feel it has, perfect for a summer wrap up at the beach or for wearing at the pool. 

(Paired with the vanessa top)

So a quick recap:

pattern #1 on the tour is the Betz White Duffle:
Betz White Road Tripper Duffle sewn by Kate H2
I just ADORE those scalloped looking pockets!

Pattern # 2 is the Kimono wrap

and pattern # 3 is coming up in July and it is from Carla!!! And Not to tease you toooooo badly, but this latest Sisboom pattern is going to be a summer staple! I made 5 in one week! and The pattern testers are talking of  starting an intervention group since we all keep on sewing this pattern up!

If you want more details on the Road Trip Bundle keep reading and the buy it button is below!
Remember, you can sign up at anytime during the tour and get all the released patterns and the upcoming patterns as well as they come out !!!

The Road Trip Pattern Club is an exciting collaboration between 5 of the top sewing pattern designers in the industry, Betz White, Patty Young, Carla Crim, Liesl Gibson and Carolyn Friedlander. Every three weeks from late May through August, club members will receive an exclusive brand new PDF sewing pattern delivered directly to your inbox.

There are 5 travel inspired patterns that include bags, accessories and women’s clothing, ranging in skill from confident beginner to intermediate. The designs will be a mystery until they are revealed at each road trip “destination” every 3 weeks.

The first pattern was released on Tuesday May 27 (see it here). The Kimono Wrap is the 2nd pattern in the series and will be followed by 3 more patterns revealed every three weeks through August. The one-time membership fee for the club is $35 for all 5 patterns.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ruched Easy Fits! A Tutorial!

So, I have a pair of sleep shorts I LOVE wearing whether I be sleeping or awake, all day ....  
These shorts have the cutest little side ties to make them appear ruched. the construction of them is different than the EASY FITS pattern, but I thought I'd use the easy fits to make them! There is a unisex adult version and a kids version of the easy fits, so you could make these for the whole family !

 This is a one evening, after the kids go to bed, kind of a project. There is also a fair a bit of ironing involved just to warn you, but if you want to make your life easier I suggest downloading and using our free printable bias tape maker :)

To start with cut your pattern pieces as per the directions. For the length I made I cut my shorts the length of the asterisk on the pattern, next time I'll go a bit shorter, but for the blog post I figured you didn't need to see me in my short shorts haha!

You will also want to cut 
  1. 2 strips of fabric that are 2.5inches wide by the length of your shorts.
  2. 4 strips of fabric that are 1.75 inches wide by about  10inches longer than your shorts.

 After you have cut your pieces give them a little iron on the fold. so you have a clear line own the center.

Now grab those 1.75 inch strips and iron them like you would bias tape and then fold in one end and sew all the way up each one to totally enclose them.

For yur 2.5inch strips you will fold in half and iron so you have a clear center line and then fold each end (the long one) in 1/4inch and iron and hen fold one end in as well. Sew up the one folded in SHORT end. and set aside.

Now grab your 2 short pieces and fold over for a double fold hem, but only sew down in the middle as seen below. I only sewed between the pins.

Grab your 2.75 inch wide strips that should have the one short end folded under and sewn and align the sewn end with the bottom hemmed edge of the shorts along the center line for each.  This should be done on the wrong side of the fabric for the shorts with the right side of the 2.75" strip looking at you. (so to sum up, on the inside of the shorts)

Now for each short panel sew up the center line line and then sew down each edge of the long strip, this is your casing for the ties. You now have 2 rows on each short panel to thread your ties through. 
Thread through your 4 ties :)

Now finish sewing up the shorts as directed in the pattern!

Ta-Da! Fancy sleep shorts! 

Here is the pic I know you are wanting to see! The ruched look does make the booty look cute!

What changes with your summer schedule? Do you find yourself sleeping in more with the relaxed pace or waking up earlier to enjoy the sun and weather?

Find us in our facebook group! We love to chat sewing and see your projects!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

PATTERN RELEASE!!!!! The Sisboom Jeanine Jumper!

It is NEW pattern time!!!!!! This time we have a pattern for the girls in your life! This pattern starts at 3/6 months and goes to size 13/14 years! 

This pattern features plenty of options, there are many cutting lines for leg lengths from shorts to full length in each size as well as an add length line for those who have a child in one chest measurement size but in a different height size! 
There are ruffled straps or plain. A natural waistline casing or a drop waistline casing. leg elastic or not. Even snap leg inseam opening up to the size 3/4 for easy diaper changes!  

For all ages the straps are designed in such a unique way that kids can easily get in and out of the romper themselves for potty breaks! 

And now, onto the testing pictures! We had so many wonderful testers and we want to give a HUGE shout out of thanks to them! Without their hard work this pattern would not be the absolute, well fitted, delight to sew that it is! THANK-YOU testers!

This romper has a fun yoke front that is great for adding trim to as Crystal did here:

I had a TON of fun adding embroidery to my girl's rompers!

Berry is very into kitties so that is what she chose, and I chose Cheeks :)

Cathy did the smallest size (3-6months) for her daughters realistic baby doll who wears 0-3months size so it looks a little bit big on dolly!

Perfect for the beach or pool! Romper by Hickety Pickity 

Kelly did an adorable shorts romper for her little 

And before you go thinking, "Wait this goes to 14yrs - where are the older kid pics??" here you go! Kelly at Handmade Boy made this awesome one for her daughter, who loves it!
 She choose the dropped waistline casing and the plain strap option for a nice modern teen look.

Angela made an adorably romper with natural waistline casing

Autumn made her girl a couple rompers! 

and the romper on a wee little one who JUST barely is in the size!

Becca made a few rompers for her daughter as well!

A nice clear shot of the elastic back - perfect for little who want to be independent at potty time!

Emily made her little sweetie a beautiful romper with the ruffled straps and waistline casing

Crystal made her little princess a princess romper!

Lore made her teen a romper with the dropped waistline casing option as well.

Holly's little one loves minnie mouse and got her romper appliqued!

and her older one picked a butterfly embroidery

Shannon and Jeanne each made a bright and cheery pair for their tweens

Karly let her daughter pick her fabric and she went Strawberry! Dropped waistline casing and one of the shorter cutting lines on the shorts.  

Mindy broke out the sisboom fabric to make her sweetie this summer romper!

Shaunna made her little girl a couple rompers using the natural waistline option! 

The amazing Tom made a romper with the brand new Beauty Queen fabric line from sisboom

Tomi made her girl a few rompers that clearly are winning approval points!

and Last, but not least, I, (Jeanine) made my girls each another romper with the beautiful Sisboom beauty queen fabric line! Cheeks has a snap crotch and no elastic and Berry has natural waistline casing

As you can see there are so many options for this romper to make it perfect wear for girls of all ages! I am so in love with this pattern and have corduroy bought to make the girls each a fall pair using a full length leg option! The legs have many cutting lines so even your taller kids can have a romper the full length!

We hope (and are pretty certain) you'll love this pattern as much as we do!