Friday, February 28, 2014

Hop Into Spring with a Front Pouch All the Rage Raglan! (TUTORIAL)

Have you picked up a copy of our Raglan shirt pattern yet? This pattern has soooo many possibilities! 
Today I want to show you how to make this huge front pocket! I Have a style of shirt like this that I picked up on sale years ago and I LOVE it!!! I recently pulled it out from the closet and thought - I could make this with the all the Rage pattern! 

For fabric, a light-med weight knit worked perfectly for this style of shirt. I used a very scientific Ohm print found at Girl Charlee, but the basic information is that it is listed as 7oz. Which is absolutely perfect for this project. If you go any heavier the front pocket is likely to weigh down the shirt. As is, I do recommend doing a hood if you are worried about weigh down. 

For this version I banded the sleeves and bottom as shown here. I choose the lapped hood option, did the sleeves an inch shorter than the short sleeve cutting line since I planned on banding them and I choose the 17" length for the 4T size because I wanted it tunic length. to wear with tights. 
I choose the shirt sleeve option so it would look cute layered with sleeves and still be comfy in the summer time! 

You will cut all the pieces for the options you choose as per the pattern to start.  When you are ready to cut the front pocket you will need to create a pattern piece. Take your front/back short piece and lay it down on paper a few inches away from the edge. and then do some quick dashes where the sleeves would go.

Now you will curve down from the top where the neckline/sleeve corner is and go to the bottom - giving a good amount of room at the bottom for the "pocket". You can see the shape you are going for below. You will cut one of these new pieces on the fold. 

Do a gathering stitch at the neckline of the pocket piece

and gather it as tightly as you can.

Now put your front pocket onto your front shirt piece after you have sewn the sleeves on but before you sew the sides together.

Pin it at the top a inch ish away from the sleeve edge as seen below:

Pin both sides of the pocket edge to the shirt edge and for the bottom you can do a gathering stitch or do as I did and do a few small pleats.

Now set your machine to a 3 or medium length stitch and sew the top and sides and bottom of the pocket to the shirt front.

Now you will continue to sew the shirt as per the pattern! Not to hard was it? If you have any questions please feel free to ask us in the LAB group on Facebook!

Do you love it as much as my girl and I do? Please share pictures of any All the Rage Raglans you make with us on Facebook! We'd love to see!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Double Ruffle of Cuteness! (Tutorial)

The Cathy pattern has several ruffle options in it for all those who love a good ruffle! But today I want to convince you to try out the double ruffle! It is not much harder than a single ruffle but it just adds that extra pizazz, and looks oh so sweet!

I made this little cheeks Cathy a size up from her measurements since summer is a LONG ways away yet! and a size up is perfect for layering and choose a short dress length. The pattern goes from 6/12m up to 11/12yrs. 

Have these pictures convinced you to try the double ruffle yet? 

I assume by now you are convinced to try this tutorial, as you should be !

For cutting you will cut your bottom strip as per the pattern for the length and width and for the top ruffle fabric you will cut the same length and number of pieces, but a couple inches shorter. I did 2.5inches shorter. on my 18m size Cathy.

Next you will sew the ends together for both ruffle pieces as per the pattern.

Now you will iron and hem both ruffle bottoms. Or if you get a bit lazy like me and can't be bothered with the iron late at night you can use the cheaters method and glue stick the first fold down and then just pin and hem :) shhhh. I didn't admit to that!

Now pin both your ruffles raw edges together and sew your 2 basting lines, using 2 basting lines is VERY important with a double ruffle!!!!! 1 line is not strong enough your thread will break. Don't cheat on this step.

Now you just gather up to fit the dress and sew as per the directions in the pattern! 

and now you have adorable double ruffled goodness on the bottom of your dress! 

If you are me then your oldest neeeeeds a dress as well! I used one of the ruffle options in the pattern to make hers, and she choose her appliqué. 

Is it just me who has a next to impossible time getting a picture of both kids together? 

Do you have a favourite "cheater" method you like to use when sewing? 

As always we'd love to see you in our facebook group

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Announcing a NEW pattern: The Katie Fancy Pants!

We are so very excited to have another new pattern for you all to enjoy! The Katie's! Though do not let the name deceive you - these pants are GREAT on boys as well!

You can keep these pants simple with a plain bottom like the  women's Judys have, or you can fun them up with the ruffled bottom option! The Katies have the great options that the Judy's have with the drawstring/elastic or elastic only waist options, low and high rise, double topstitching, faux piping,  and pockets or not.  Each size also has multiple inseam options so even if your child is a bit on the shorter or taller side you can get the perfect length!

These pants are more than just pj's, they are wonderful for everyday wear as well as you can see in the pictures from our lovely testers!

Love this little girlie showing off her pants!

Perfect everyday pants! 

Love the plaid with the ruffle: 

Ric rac trim on the pockets are so fun! 

Here we are, the oldest has hers in a twill and myself and the youngest in chambray. 

Jenny and her daughter rocking the Sisboom fabric! 

 In denim: 

Love this little back shot! 

Tomi's girl got very fun bow print! 

Jennifer made some in gorgeous sisboom with a Leighanna top to match! 

I absolutely adore this edgy look Sara gave her Katie's! 

And I told you these pants look awesome on boys too! Here is Crystals dapper little dude rocking his Katies and the Festive Vest!  

The Cheeks in her chambray pair 

and the Katie's look great with the Sophie tunic

and the oldest in her twill pair: 

Jeanne's floral ones 

And the Katies look great on the older boys as well! 

As you can see Carla and Jennifer have brought us another versatile pattern in the Katie Fancy Pants pattern! So many options and a great fit! Lovely on girls AND boys! 

We can't wait to see what you make with this pattern! Join us in our facebook group (come for the help and staying up to date but stay for the friendship and fun!)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines SALE - Today only in the Etsy

   Happy Valentine's Day!!!    Today (2/14) only...all Sis Boom and Scientific Seamstress patterns are 40% with coupon code BEMINE - We love our customers!!!

What will you be buying?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I LOVE to Read Sewing Challenge Book Look 1: Jillian Jiggs


When I was a kid the Jillian Jiggs series by Phoebe Gilman was my favourite ! She was so creative and energetic, I loves how all her books made me want to make crafts!

Now that I have girls of my own, the Jillian Jiggs series are a favourite of mine to read with my girls and my oldest really loves her and wants to make the crafts and play the games in the books! After reading a Jillian Jiggs book she can entertain herself for a long time turning her bed into a boat or playing "stage". 

For my I LOVE to read look (click link to learn more about the challenge) I chose to base my look on the very first book in the Jillian Jigg series! 

Right on the front cover you will notice Jillian wearing a blue floral dress of her mothers and in the book as she avoids cleaning her room you can see she is wearing a diamond patterned shirt with yellow about the top and ties. Of course, Jillian's little sister is always playign along.

So I made the Sisboom Angie dress in some lovely Sisboom Eloise in navy as my dress. 

For my daughter's Jillian shirt I chose the Sisboom BettyAnn. I thought the straps would be perfect for making yellow on top like in the book, and of course the Sisboom HappyLand fabric has a great diamond patterned fabric in it that I used for the shirt.

I added pockets (in the pattern as an option) because even though Jillian's shirt doesn't have pockets I felt certain she no doubt wishes she had pockets!

the girls and I made fish and fishing rods and then they played fishing and they played pirates!

Thanks for reading and sewing along! I can't wait to see what everyone links up! Also you can get a second entry by adding your I love to read picture to the facebook album!

If you want to make your own fishing game you can use my lazy time challenged mom method:

Get a short piece of dowelling (or 2 or however many kids you have) I picked up a jar of these for $2. at the dollar store. Paint the sticks, be warned your kids may want to glitter them

Then cut out some felt fish. Get out that cheap no sew velcro you bought at the dollar store and then realized it was not sew on. and stick the loopy bit to the fish and then take the snaggy bit and cut 2 squares per rod. You will cut a length of ribbon for your fishing line and put one end on the velcro sticky end, and then put the other piece of velcro over that  - wrong sides together so they stick of course. Then tie the ribbon onto the dowel. Easy peasy! Hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry. haha.

Happy fishing and happy sewing!