Monday, April 27, 2015

Shelling Shorties Tutorial!

Have you pinned a pair of these little shorties lately? I know I did, and Judy did because we chatted our love ... and then talked about how to get the look without a new pattern and this is what happened! 

The Perfectly Preppy Skort pattern is PERFECT and perfectly easy to modify into these shelling shorties!  and how perfectly adorable don't they look with a nice flowing short shirt! 
The shirt is the top of the Carly bubble romper with a gathered skirt added to it btw :) 

Guys, this is how easy it is.... Take the bloomers pattern, do not overlap shaded bits - it needs the little extra width for these and then tape the yoke to the bloomer bottoms. 

You'll sew them up as described for sewing the shorts. then decide where you want the elastic front gathering to be. I ironed a crease so it would be easy to see and mark. 

Then I grabbed a ruler and marked how high I wanted the elastic to go. Cheeks is in 2T size and I went up 4.5inches. or just under half way.

Then cut a piece of elastic the at max stretch is the length of your line. and pin at the top and at the bottom. Then you simply sew on the line and keep the elastic stretched as you go.

Here you can see it sewed. 

I added little bows to the front at the top of the gathering. you don;t have to, I just thought it was cute.

Now, bring on the summer!!!!

Will you be making some shelling shorties this summer?

Monday, April 20, 2015

a little from the box-store sewing inspiration

In case you were one of the many disappointed by Targets quick sell out of the new Lily Pulitzer line, I've done a little side by side of stuff from the line and patterns in the ETSY shop! 

Of course using the gorgeous Sisboom and Jenny Eliza (at Joann's fabric stores) florals will perfectly complete the summery look!

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Keyholes are Keepers! Tutorial.

If you are in the LAB group on Facebook you already saw this look, BUT, this time it comes with a tutorial!!!!! Enjoy!

ps. Yes, this really is how Cheek's hair looks when she wakes up. Anyone else jealous of my 2yr old's hair? (I am .... )

Monday, April 13, 2015

Something NEW is coming.... For the ladies!

Sisboom Patterns is going to be releasing a new women's pattern in May!

This pattern is going to have options for ALL the seasons! and plenty of options to suit your preferred style! lengths of hem and sleeves, low back, high back, even scallops! 

Here are a few tester pics to tease you with!

Top secret enough you get nothing but a screenshot of the options ;) 

So, who's excited ??? Make some noise by leaving a comment!

Any guesses on the name ?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tutorial: Making the poofy pants without a lining

As you likely have heard by now via the NEWSLETTER or/and our FACEBOOK GROUP this month we are sewing up for a hospital in Haiti. If you click the newsletter link you will get loads more details and even more in the pinned post in the facebook group. 

This tutorial is for making the poofy pants unlined, as it gets quite hot in Haiti.  

You will cut one pair of pant legs and your trim pieces. Sew up the pants as directed for side seams and crotch seams. Then take your trim and fold each piece in half so short ends are together and sew.
Fold each of the now sewn trim piece in half, wrong sides together.  and pin to the leg opening, raw edges line up.

Stitch on and then finish the seam. I used a serger but zig zag works.

Now you will want to iron the seam up and you can pin if you choose.

Top stitch. I find it easiest to topstitch teeny holes by turning the pants inside out.

Now you are going to make a waistband facing. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 11.5"x2" and sew the short ends together. Then line the raw edges together  and sew and finish the seam allowance.

Now you are going to want to do:
  1. 1. iron a 1/4" fold over on the unsewn edge.
  2. 2. Iron the waistband down along the top edge.
  3. 3. if you want to now is the time to put a tag/label on that waistband in the back.

Sew the edge down leaving an inch open and now thread the elastic through, finish it off, and then stitch the opening closed.

And all done! Unlined and cute and nice and tidy for passing down and along :) You can add a cute bow or button or something on the front now as well if you'd like ! 

Please join us in sewing along! #aprilshowers

For this weeks blog post we go from summer to winter!

Can you guess which patterns these originally were??