Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lace it UP March! All Over Lace Tutorial

Ready for another lace it up tutorial? This one is so fast and easy too! and sooo cute! I honestly think I need to make myself this dress! I am in love with the all over lace and the side ties!

I used the Portrait peasant. but you could also use the Leighanna, or Devon (adult version). If you use the Leighanna or Devon skip this collage for lengthening the pattern and just use your desired cutting length.

Next cut your pieces out of fabric and again out of lace. I used a lace tablecloth I found at the thrift shop for this dress.  Once your pieces are cut put your lace on top of your fabric everything right sides looking at you and baste stitch around all the edges. 

Next to get the drawstring waist do 2 lines of stitching across the bodice. I did 2.5 inches down from the arm pits.  

Sew the dress as per the pattern now! and when done the holes in the lace are perfect for threading some small ribbon through. Cut 2 lengths of ribbon - one for the back and one for the front and then tie on each side and distribute the gathers. You could as an alternative do a casing on the inside with bias tape and use elastic.

All done and oh so cute!

What do you think? Would you were this look as an adult? or make this for a child?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lace it UP just a Little. Tutorial

As you are probably aware the Sisboom Tobago is one of my favourites. It is cute, easy, plenty of options from shirt to dress, notched front or round and can be cut and sewn in 40 minutes!

To colour block it is really super simple. you simply cut your pattern where you want the colour block to be and when you cut fabric add 1/4" to each side for seam allowance. Sew the top and bottom (your pieces) together and then sew the pattern as directed. 

Since this is Lace it UP March in the lab group on facebook I also added a cute bit of lace to the front where the pieces met. I think it adds the perfect touch of sweetness to the vintage animals print. 

To the back piece I added an extra inch at the fold to gather before sewing the pieces together. 

I just like the look of a little gather in the back - and the 2yr old doesn't object about a little extra wiggle room (she likes to put her toes in her mouth still...)

What will you be sewing for your lace it up entry? This week was add a little lace, Next week let's see some all over lace!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LACE it UP with us this March!

We are so excited to introduce our March Challenge!

For the entire month of March we will be featuring LACE!!!!!! Adding a little lace, adding a LOT of lace, you name it! We are loving lace this season and it is everywhere!

To get you started with ideas we created a whole pinboard of ideas with patterns to use as a starting point. Of course you are more than welcome to get creative with your own ideas as well :)

The contest will end March 31st. The random winners will be announced on April 1st, and the judged winner will be announced when the guest judges reach an agreement!

To enter the contest load a picture (you can enter as many outfits as you want - a different picture for each one) into the lace it up challenge album found in the LAB group on Facebook.

Also check out this Tommy boxers with added lace tutorial to get you started!