Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just for ME January! Week 4 : Knock it Off!

Today we have a fun treat for you! Karly from Paisley Roots blog is here to show a knock it off look she made for the challenge! She is an amazing seamstress and I am just loving the look, and all the pics - no matter how awkward she thinks she is! Haha.

Before we get to Karly's awesome post (and be sure to leave a comment if you love it/feel inspired/wish you were that tall)  I want to announce the winner of comfy&cozy week!

Kimberley made herself a Dana nigh shirt! and how pretty and comfy doesn't this look!

And now, without further delay, here is Karly guest posting for our FINAL Just for ME January week! Knock it off means to take inspiration from a photo or look you have seen and to make it your own! Here is a LINK to the etsy shop.

Hey! I'm Karly from Paisley Roots. When I was asked to guest post for this week I was really excited! Mostly cause I just love all the people over at Scientific Seamstress (cause they're amazing), but I also love knocking stuff off.
So for starters, here's my inspiration pic:

(Photo from Style Sidebar. Click on photo to go to direct post.)

I love the colors together and although I really don't like WEARING dresses and skirts, I love the look of high-waisted skirts. My husband wishes I would wear them more, but hey, he's not the one that is usually chasing the kids or getting looked at like a giant about to crush people cause she lost her balance in high-heels. 

I know my outfit isn't a right off knock-off. I had this blue with black polkadot chiffon in my stash and it was the perfect amount for my skirt and I love the polkadots. I used the Jenny pattern and this tutorial from the hilarious and amazing Crystal to make it.
I had thought of making the shirt long sleeved but our winter weather has really REALLY changed. So when we usually have 4 feet of snow outside we are now having 50 degree weather instead. It just made more sense to make it short sleeved. I used a shirt I had in my closet as a pattern for it and that was short sleeved too, so that MAY have also been a factor in that decision.....

If you couldn't tell from my pics I'm really not an awesome model either. So I got this great idea that I should use our empty Coca-cola bottles as a prop to try and distract from my awkwardness. 

Did it work?? Oh, did I mention that that's filled with Pepsi....

 Here's another shot of my amazing modeling abilities.

Thank you Scientific Seamstress for having me today!
Now you can head over to Scientific Seamstress Lab Group page and add a photo of your knock-offs in the album for your chance to win!

Have you loved this month of Just for you sewing? We 'd love to hear your thoughts on it! If you would like to see this event again please feel free to let us know and leave ideas for changes or themes you would like to see :) 

Friday, January 23, 2015

NEW PATTERN TIME!!! The Gabriella Fae for 12m-13/14years

Gabriella Fae is the kids version of the women s Carolina Mae!!! 

This dress/top has all the options in it for fancy and casual! Sleeveless to full sleeves, ruched overlay on the bodice or not, length options and a pretty bow option too!

Right now January 23rd until February 2nd, 2015 the Gabriella Fae is a part of the bundleUP sale. On the 16th of February the Gabriella Fae will be available in our Etsy shop.

Now, who wants to see tester pics ??  

You can read all about the women's Carolina Mae HERE.

*I left names off the kids photo's for their own privacy and protection. If you want to ask any specific questions about a dress most of the mom's have posted in our facebook group and we would love for you to join the chit chat and fun!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just for ME January! Week 3: Comfy and Cozy

Ah week 3. The week that suits me best in January weather! I know there is nothing I want to do more than spend my day being comfy and cozy.  Eat some carb loaded foods and binge watch tv series. What is your favourite series to binge watch? (or a recent binge watch you recommend?)

Our date night winner is April in her gorgeous Carolina Mae !

For my comfy and cozy look I pulled some corduroy off the shelf and got out the bowling shirt and the Judy fancy pants patterns

I lengthened the sleeve of the bowling shirt by comparing to a sleeve pattern I love the length of and a few inches extra for luck. Then sew up as per the pattern! It is that easy :)

I am in LOVE with my corduroy jammies!!!! They are sooo cozy! and warmer than flannel ones! Why is it I never have seen corduroy jammies in the store?? People are missing out on goodness here. You really MUST add this to your to sew list if you live anywhere chilly!

What will you be sewing for comfy/cozy week? Add your pics to the album in the LAB group by next sunday to be entered to win!

Now, time to bake .... 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello Carolina Mae, a NEW all seasons women's pattern!

We are sooooooooooooooo excited !!!!!!!!!!!! The Carolina Mae is READY and in the SHOP!!!!

You can get it at intro pricing until January 15th, 2015.! (So buy it before 15th of January. cst)

Here is the fabric chart so you can start your online shopping while you finish reading this post and looking at all of our amazing tester's pictures !

Also don't forget to order a 14" zipper ;)

The sizing is our standard xs-3x and you cut your cup size according to the fancy measures chart. The pattern also includes 6 entire pages on muslin alteration so you can get the perfect fit! 

Now onto the fun! (the pictures)

Here is our amazing and talented pattern maker, Carla, showing off her date night neckline cut and long sleeve version

This dress has so many options! Ruched overlay included as seen below

There are also all the sleeve options from sleeveless to long sleeve which makes this an ALL SEASON dress!!!!! Can I get a "hurray" ?!

The pattern also includes directions for that adorable bow!



This pattern can be made as a top as well as a dress.

Perfect for dates and holidays


and everyday looking fab!

The dress has a zipper back, and great instructions for putting it in. This pattern would be for the adventurous beginner/intermediate/and above sewist due to the zipper and darts. You will want to muslin, like always.


Judy (her daughter modelling)











We want to say a HUGE THANK_YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to our amazing testers! They all did muslins first and many made second and third rounds to get this pattern ready to sell. Much love ladies!