Wednesday, March 26, 2014

heeeellloooooooooooooooo doctor! (adding front pockets to the bowling shirt!)

Adding Front Pockets to the Bowling Shirt Pattern:

This is really a simple one to do. Cut 4 squares the length of the pocket you want and the width to match your front pieces. Put 2 pieces RST and sew along the top, flip and then do a topstitch. Repeat for the other side. 

Then you place your "pockets" which are really only sewn on one side and place pretty sides up onto the front pieces as seen below and baste stitch in place on the other 3 sides for each one. 

Then you carry on sewing your Bowling shirt as per the pattern!

This works great for making the Bowling shirt into a doctor shirt! (I also moved the buttons over to be off center as you can see, for a more doctor look) 

Remember the Bowling shirt pattern is updated now as well! New sizes and an unlined finishing option!

On Craftsy and, the option should be there for you to re-download.  If you bought through another site or Etsy please email a proof of purchase to or or contact seller on etsy in reply to your purchase. The Update is FREE of charge to those who already have the pattern :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Bowling Shirt is New Again!

We are so very excited to introduce you to the new and improved Bowling Shirt! Buy it now on Craftsy and on Etsy or if you have the older version you can get the updated version for FREE! 

On Craftsy and, the option should be there for you to re-download.  If you bought through another site or Etsy please email a proof of purchase to or or contact seller on etsy in reply to your purchase.

We have also emailed those we had on file who have previously purchased the bowling shirt pattern and have sent the updated file so please check your emails! If it is not there then PLEASE email us so we can verify purchase and send you the updated pattern FREE of charge!

What is new you ask? Well, the sizing is extended all the way up to 11/12 (from the previous 7/8)! and there is an unlined finishing option in the directions as well! 

Here is Louie in the new 9/10 size

and here he is modelling the 11/12 size, a bit big but kids grow fast!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Adding Cuffs to a not Reversible, Reversible Romper

Who loves rompers on the littles? I know I see a bunch of hands shooting up! I just adore the look of the wide legs and watching them walk around in their unskilled way! 

Our Reversible Romper pattern is so great for getting a custom fit (and it does give the average heights as well if you are making by the age and can't measure the child). The size range is NB-5T and includes the doll size pattern as well if your child has a 15" or 18" doll !

I often (read usually) choose to not make reversible patterns reversible for one simple reason, if my kid is getting something down the front it usually manages to go down on the inside of the outfit just as much as it does the outside. So I use cheap plain broadcloth to line! 

For this romper I decided to make a size up and surely my short legged babe will have a growth spurt this summer! (right??) so I wanted to add cuffs, rolled up they are cute and coordinating, unrolled you would never know there was a pretty "cuff" on the other side! I like to try and get as much wear out of the kids clothes as I can, especially when I make for the youngest.    

Now the key to this is picking two fabrics you think are going to look amazing together since the cuff will show for half the time they fit this outfit.

Get out your pattern and measure yur child or use the chart to know the length of where they are now, and then add a few inches for where you think they could get too before they outgrow the torso length.

You can see my fold line below. Cut the outer fabric full length! (ll the way to wher you think they will get too) but for the lining cut above the line out of your broadcloth and below the line out of your coordinate. You'll see some clearer pics below. 

Cutting the cuffs from the fold line and below.

 Now you will put right sides together on both pieces, cuffs to the top of the lining. as seen below.

Once you have that done you stitch up the pattern as directed by the pattern directions! Easy peasy! 

Now enjoy a little toddler smile! (and then go find a baby or toddler or 18" doll to make this romper for! It is tooooo cute to not get made!)

Happy Sewing! Please join us in our facebook group or on the fanpage!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wrapping up the Sewing Reference Tool Book Tour (with a final GIVEAWAY!)


and the winner is Darcie!

darcie said...
I love the logic of the Scientific Seamstress brand! And I love all the wonderful people involved with it. Very much looking forward to getting this book! Congrats on the release!

We want to say a HUGE thank-you to all the lovely bloggers who participated in the blog tour for the Essential Sewing Reference Tool ! We loved reading each of their posts and hope all of you did as well!

Today is ANOTHER chance to win the book !!!! (hard copy if in USA, ecopy for international). 

To enter all you need to do is leave us a positive comment!  Anything you want, but if you want a starter idea you could say what you'd love to learn from the book or what you love about the Scientific Seamstress brand?

A winner will be picked on the 19th of March (pst). 

If you don't want to wait any longer you can buy this amazing reference tool on amazon either a hardcopy or Kindle version!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Book Tour!

Have you been following along all week for your chance to win?

Wednesday: Imagine Gnats

Saturday: Craft Gossip

and on Sunday the 16th of March, the tour will wrap up here on the blog! 

You can also buy a copy of the book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle form!

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Simply Sweet just got Sweeter! (tutorial)

Now I must admit I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Simply Sweet pattern - like madly, deeply, truly. This pattern has so so many options in it (!) and then all the tutorials here on the blog (including 4 princesses) this pattern is SERIOUS bang for your buck!

(pockets are from the Annabel Apron in the book, A Girl's World)

For this dress you will want to cut the empire bodice front pieces and then the halter back pieces (and of course the ruffle straps and skirt)

When you go to cut the ruffle straps you need to give yourself some extra on either end since you will be using the halter back and not the bodice piece for the back.

Remember you are cutting the halter back for the bodice, not the regular bodice piece for the back.

Now you will sew the ruffle straps and do the elastic as per the directions ion the pattern. After the straps are ready to go I want you to run a basting stitch (go back and forth a few times) to attach them together at the bottom on ONE end of them. Now get you one of you halter back pieces - mark the middle and place the together end of the ruffle straps in the center and baste stitch in place.

Noe place your other halter piece/s over top (right sides together) and swe along the top edge. 

Sew the back and front together as per the halter directions in the pattern. and then flip to the back and sew the casing lines until an inch from the strap end on either side as you see below.

For your elastic measurements you will take the piece of elastic and cut in half, but then remember that there is a spot in the middle that will not have elastic so cut an inch or 2 off each piece of elastic. (general rule of thumb is stretch the elastic out and it should be at the start and end of the casing line on each side)

Now thread your elastic through, stitch it down at the side seams and then again when you get to the casing line end towards the center. Do this for each side.

and TA-DA! Your bodice is done! Now follow the directions in the pattern for finishing up the skirt of your choice and finishing the dress.

A simple modification, but what a dose of cuteness it adds to the look!  
Foxes fabric is from Timber and Leaf the denim look is from a remnant bin and unmarked.

What is your favourite colour combo for spring wear?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Have you heard the exciting news?

Carla, THEE Scientific Seamstress has a new book out!!!!

Check it out on amazon:

The very exciting news is that we are having a blog tour! 

Day one: Ginger dimples talks to us about buttonholes

Day two: How to Sew uses the ruffle tips to create a tote! (project and tutorial on their blog)

Day three: Paisley Roots will be talking about adjusting patterns (March 5th)

Day five: The tour stops at the Pink Chalk Studio  (March 7)

Day six: is at Sew Mama Sew (March 8)

and on Sunday, day seven visit us at Sisboom (March 9)

Next week the tour continues! Please visit the blogs on their days and enter for a chance to win your own copy of the book! (E-copy if you are an international/non USA resident)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I LOVE to Read Sewing Challenge Winners!

This past month's I LOVE to read sewing challenge was soooo much fun! I just loved discovering new books and seeing your takes on them! 
Thanks soooooo very much to everyone who participated! 

Now for the winners!

The blog winner Jennifer of Just Joshin used the reversible romper pattern for her Cat in the Hat look! I adore the reversible fun colours and that appliqué is so fun!

The winner from the Facebook album is Louwisa with the Maddie pattern used to create a Speedy Cheetah dress. I love the way she took the book and created an everyday look!

Thanks so very much for joining in the challenge! 

Congratulations to the winners! Please email me to claim your prize!