Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ready to Learn with a Collar and Straight Shirt!

So we all know and love the original Precious Dress Pattern with it's nice full skirt!

BUT.... I wanted a nice classic top with the collar and puff sleeves like the Precious has, only straight. and perfect to put under dresses - or for school uniforms if we had that. 
AND so this leads into the latest tutorial. A nice crisp clean straight shirt with classic details!

This is sooooo easy to do as well! Everything just gets extended!! So measure you child from shoulder to where you want the hem to be! (and don't be like me and forget that belly... I had to add length to mine after the fact - hence the piping "detail")

You can do the button back as per the pattern - just extended OR you can follow these pics and add a zipper back and skip the buttons!

Mark the zipper above the metal stop (that is NOT fun to try and sew through!) The lining was cut at the natural waistline cutting line if you want an idea of zipper length.

Sew up from the bottom to just above the line.

Put a little gluestick on that zipper and pin in place. Sew the top last so don;t worry about those top ends right now.

all pinned in place and perfectly hidden

Start at the bottom and sew about 2 inches from the top on both sides and then sew across the bottom. Then you will tuck the top ends under and unzip and sew the top of the zipper.

and VOILA perfect zipper! 

and a perfectly cute and perfect back to school look!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Perfectly Preppy Skort goes to Pants!

Now I know what you are thinking; "why should I modify the preppy bloomers into capris when I can use the easy fits pattern with ease?"

Here is the answer to that! Yes the easy fits are FAB! and great for little capri's under dresses. BUT these have the flat front of the easy fits, and are a narrower fit. 

and lucky for you - VERY easy to change up! 

If you followed the making the preppy into shorties tutorial you know about adding the top length already. But I've made a little graphic of the pattern change anyways to clear up any confusion!!

and they really are just perfect for under dresses. just peek out the bottom, but add a little modesty for play (and an extra layer for play protection ... 

So there you go, the pattern with so many options it comes in chapters just gave you TWO more reasons to pick it up!!!! Plus as you have likely noticed by now - we've lowered all the prices in our Etsy shop! 
We love you and are so thankful you keep on using our patterns and recommending them! Thank you. Really and truly - thanks!!!! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Making the Leighanna a Drop Waist Dress

You know how some days you get an idea seeeeewwwwww awesome it just needs to happen - that was this outfit for Cheeks! 

Grab your Sisboom Leighanna pattern and sewalong for making it a drop waist skirt! 

Yep, THAT easy! and under 2yards so perfect for the August sewalong challenge!!

The Hug Life graphic is heat transfer vinyl ironed on (source prefers to remain unnamed). and the thug princess kitty is custom by StitchART free motion applique

Skirt fabric is Sisboom's Caravalle line and top fabric is from Fabricland, Canada.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August is here which means so is a fun new sewing challenge!

We are excited about this challenge! If your stash is anything like mine is then you have a boatload of little 1yd and 1/2yd pieces left from the larger cuts ... and this is the month to use them!

READ THE NEWSLETTER for some great ideas and links to free patterns and projects!

This month's blog posts will focus on ideas to hopefully inspire you to use up your under 2yd cuts and even scraps! Let's have a fun month making the most of our fabric stashes (so we have an excuse to buy more when September starts!!!) 

To enter your sews into the monthly challenge album join us in the LAB group on facebook!

ok. now that the odds and ends are sorted, who wants to see my first 1yd project?? 

The Sisboom Leighanna in size 5/6 !

The Leighanna is a fast sew. I like to call it a 1for1. 1yd of fabric used in 1hr of time! and it is sooooo perfect for back to school! 

When I sew the Leighanna up I always give the bow center a stitch down the middle so it cannot come untied on the kids! No one needs shirt strings in their soup at school lunch!

What will be your first sew for the challenge? Let's all try and sew one thing a week (at least!)! 

The free motion applique used up the tiny bits of fabric (the giraffe pattern isn't out quite yet for the FMA)