Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ding Ding Ding! WINNERS!!!

The winner of the awesome GwynHug cards is #15, Margaret! She said:

What a cool idea! My overbuy was for a maternity coat I made when I was pregnant with my second child. It was going to be reversible and in fleece. I bought enough of each color to make both sides the same. I am still making things with my leftover fleece 4 years later!

The winner of the eBook of choice is Jen! Oh, I can so relate to her post, and it made me laugh out loud:

I recently bought flannel to make PJ pants using your easy fits for adults pattern. I bought 8 different flannel prints in 2 yard cuts. Ooops! I needed 3 yards and only discovered this after cutting out the first leg of the first pair. Arghhhhhh! So I went back to the online store I'd bought the fabric from, only to find out that one and one other had been sold out. I made a second order of the same available prints in 2 yard cuts again (because 1 yard would make half-pants-half-shorts :)..... I did repurpose that one leg of flannel into a scarf. Do you want a pink frog scarf? Just kidding. I received one-half of the online order. Still waiting on the other half. So I could make a bunch of one-legged pants or else have a sewing frenzy right before Christmas. The moral of the story (and an old adage from my carpenter father): Measure twice, cut once. And I'd add: Don't guess! I need those cards Carla.

Margaret and Jen - please contact me at info(at) so I can send you your prizes!!!! Thanks so much to EVERYONE for sharing your great stories of fabric miscalculation!

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