Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wandering outside...

I know I haven't posted any decorating projects lately, but I wanted to let you all know that I haven't totally abandoned my New Year's resolution to make my home a nicer place. I've just refocused my energies outside. After such a heinous winter, I NEEDED to get out in the yard as soon as spring sprung.


The very first thing I did was clear the veggie beds to make way for new plantings. The side bed (pictured above) was a big mess. It used to be a rose garden, but most of the bushes had been transplanted elsewhere. Last year we rototilled, plopped in squash and some greens, and watered every now and then. We didn't actually go into that garden much after it was planted because the remaining thorny rose bushes would attack us. As a result, the veggies succumbed to disease and weed overgrowth by mid-season. This year, I moved the rest of the roses (they put up a fight, believe me) and hand-dug some raised beds. The pathways are mulched with shredded leaves, so hopefully that will encourage us to go out and give the plants a bit of attention every now and then.


The main bed was in pretty good shape this year, except for the fact that the surrounding gravel was choked with dirt and weeds. I went a little crazy and dug out all of the rocks, washed them, then put them back over a fresh layer of landscaping cloth. It was A LOT of work, and I don't think I have ever been so muddy in my whole life. Hopefully it will stay weed-free for a few years.


While I was wallowing in filth, Del and Lou neatly worked on their own outdoor decor project. We found these seatless, wrought iron chairs in a free pile about seven years ago. After moving them three times, we've finally decided to make them functional. The guys cleaned them up and spray painted them a really nice shade of green - I'll get pictures as soon as the seats are installed.

Speaking of paint, Stebbins Anderson is a great shop that is right around the block from is part hardware/garden shop, part upscale boutique. It is very convenient for things like bolts and plant stakes, so I'm always running (ok, fast-walking) over there. I love to visit the upstairs (the fancy part of the store) to soak in inspiration from all the gorgeousness. I was absolutely THRILLED when I found out that they were carrying Jennifer Paganelli's Sis Boom aprons and table goodies! I had to trot right over and get some pics!



PATTERN UPDATE: The Sis Boom Marlo Top is almost here, I promise! We've been waiting for the weather to cooperate so we could get just the right pictures for the cover. If you want some sneak peaks, head on over to Jennifer's blog! I also have some exciting stuff in the works for my Scientific Seamstress line of patterns, but I'm not quite ready to spill...I promise to fill you in soon!


Tabitha said...

Total soil envy here, very jealous of your soil. Can't wait to see your veggies popping up! And how awesome is that a store near you carries Sis Boom stuff!!

Cathy said...

OH my I knew you were up to your eyeballs in outside work but you gotta looks great! I love the pic of Louie's bulldozer in the! Hope it was smoothing things over! Those chairs are awesome! I bet you could cover some cushions in JP fabric!!! Speaking of which, how awesome to find those adorable aprons and placemats!!! Cool beans! Have a great ya!

designdreamer said...

Only you (and your inner circle) would just happen to find wrought iron ?? (pieces?) to put on those wrought iron chairs. Can't wait to see the finished project.