Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heavens to Betsey (and a giveaway)!

New Pattern alert! Jennifer came up with the most adorable, hip apron EVER, and I turned it into an easy to sew, quick, and very fun pattern! If you are still hemming and hawing about gifts for teachers, girlfriends, etc...look no further.


This apron has a great retro feel, but has a very current look...especially if you use awesome Sis Boom fabrics!


The apron in the picture above is made from a great mix of new and old Sis Boom prints. I LOVE it. It may be a gift for a special friend, if I can part with it.


Here is the cute (and no, that is my dressform Bessie...not me - oh how I wish I had her adjustable proportions depending on my mood and the outfit).


And the sweet!


Now this one is "my" apron. I made it holiday festive, but really, I could wear it everyday (if I actually cooked). It is reversible, has two wonderful pockets for hankies, phones, lists, spoons, etc. I wore it to Jen's most recent holiday show in fact. She had hers on too, and I so wish I had a pic...she was completely adorable!


So this is the thing that makes Betsey super unique...the removable side bows. They give so much drama and cuteness to the back of the apron. Whether you are wearing jeans or a little black dress, these bows will flatter, minimize, and be a walking conversation piece as you serve champagne and hors d'oeuvres.


This apron is my favorite of all time. It is a gift for Lou's kindergarten teacher, who is completely wonderful and I suspect at some point will be nominated for sainthood. I mixed two of my very favorite prints (Amanda Fleur from Pretty Please, and Maeve from Queen Street).


I added one pocket, and personalized it with her initials (so I wouldn't hoard it for myself). Whether she is doing major holiday cooking at home, or just shielding herself from kindy art supplies, I know she will put this apron to good use!

So now on to the gorgeous tester creations...they didn't have much time given the fact that we wanted a mid-December release, but they outdid themselves with time to spare!


First up is Cathy's gorgeous daughter in her apron...she is cute (and the epitome of fun and sweet) the Madeline print!


Heather's apron is completely gorgeous...her sewing is meticulous, just like her embroidery designs!


And here is Jeanne's version on her gorgeous daughter. I'm pretty sure that I know Miss J's tastes in colors and prints, so that apron may be a keeper rather than a gift ;)!


Here is a very adorable representation of the little girls' version. Her mama Jenny is a great seamstress, and I had the privilege of hanging out with her sweet family when I went down south for my class reunion. Please don't let the very green grass distract you from the great apron and the beautiful child. We all need to pick up and move to Texas!


So loving Jessica's version - crisp and perfect, just like everything she creates!


Swooning over Marlo's chic black and white apron....she knows what her mama loves (though I did score you some rare red and white stuff ;) )!


And here is precious little Ms R. in a super pink little girlie apron!


And how fun and cute is this? Little miss L. made snow ice cream in her apron, and she couldn't have been cuter!

Ok, one more and I will stop (I hope)...our girl Jenny made a gorgeous apron and blogged it here. You need to follow her if you don't already (she has awesome taste and is absolutely hilarious)!

Soooooo.....time for my 100th post giveawway! All you need to do is write in a response and tell me the one pattern you would like as a present. The first 15 people to respond get their pattern of easy! I've been blogging for two years now, and I know I should have at least 6000 posts, but dangit, this is a real milestone for me. I am not a super social person, and I only blog when I really feel like my thoughts will enhance your life in some way. Hopefully I am crawling out of a major creative lull, and I will post more of merit in the new year!

WOW - that was fast!!!!

I've emailed patterns to everyone with a visible address. I still need addresses for:


Contact me at info at and I will get those sent your way!


CT Mom said...

I like the bubble romper.

Clarinda said...

The meghan peasant dress is gorgeous!!

Ginger said...

The Patricia Tunic Top would be great to make after Christmas.

ginger c at gmail dot com

DianeY said...

Ooh! I have so many of your patterns already, but I think I could really enjoy the Easy fit pants for tweens, teens & adults! Thank you and Aloha!

Jennifer said...

I would love the Betsy Apron! It is so cute!!! I love your blog! Congrats on your milestone!

rebekah said...

I love your patterns! One of the few I don't have is the Perfectly Preppy 3 Skirts.

rebekahricker at yahoo dot com

craftmom said...

I would love the Betsey apron pattern. i have lots of your patterns and love how clear and concise your directions are. Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

Kate said...

Ooh, definitely the Simply Sweet! I love the ideas on making them into princess dresses!

jennebeker said...

You do beautiful work. I'm in love with this new Betsy apron and would love to try to make it in time for the holidays (umm...Valentine's Day is a holiday, right?). Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer N.

Sahmy said...

Oh, the Betsey apron. I love it!

Angie said...

Oooh. I would love the Portrait peasant tops and dresses pattern.

rachel said...

I'm currently using your Easy Fit pants pattern to make Christmas Jammies for the whole family!

I'm also making my two girls 16 inch Waldorf Dolls, which are, sadly, naked. I would LOVE Sew Boutique for Dolly Volume 2!

Tabitha O. said...

I like the apron only because it is the most recent pattern lol...anyway I don't know what is cuter the aprons or your testers models...that cute swirly bow is sugary sweet.

Anonymous said...

if I'm not too late... I'd love the raglan shirt pattern. :)


Tracey said...

Hi Carla
Congratulations on 100 posts, I think you are going great guns! If I'm not too late, I'd like either the Patricia Tunic or the Betsy Apron please, love all your patterns.

Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Wow! That was fast!!! All of the previous commenters will be getting their patterns mailed today. Thank you!!!!!

judy said...

congrats carla! love what you do and thank you for all the hard work!!

Mindy Rhae said...

AAAH!! So close!! I've had my eye on the portrait dress too. I would say maybe next time, but who knows when that will be. LOL

Mindy Rhae said...

Hey, if you don't hear from all of those people who didn't leave an email addy, you can feel free to come on down the list. I would love to get my hands on that portrait dress. Email is mindyrhae at gmail dot com. Pretty generous offer of me, huh? =O)

jennebeker said...

Hi - I was one of the ones above, but I'm wondering if you were able to get my email address from the log-on that I used. Thanks for everything you do. I learned to sew using your doll patterns on I sewed a couple of things for my daughter too. It was pretty exciting for me. (I'm still loving the Betsy apron.)

Jennifer N.

Angie said...


This is Angie. You can contact me at:

matangie AT gmail DOT com


Anonymous said...

I love this pattern! If my computer hadn't of died right before Christmas I would have sent you pictures. I made one for my daughter's teacher (also should be nominated for sainthood) and one for my mom. It's a quick and easy pattern: perfect for a busy mom!

komar said...

Happy new 2011th years from me!

Heather said...

Please tell me you are going to release a pattern for the dress under the apron :)