Wednesday, May 25, 2011

April showers bring May flowers and....


May showers bring MUD! And as everyone knows, mud tends to attract small boys and dogs from all around the neighborhood.


The May flowers are lovely, however.


The pea plants are starting to make little pods.


We are growing tomatoes and greens along the driveway. Last year we grew corn in this strip, but it got "smutty" and rangy looking. Considering good sweet corn is so inexpensive in season, we've decided to leave that one to the experts. I'm sure the neighbors will be grateful that we made this choice.


We've got volunteer pumpkin plants in the spot where we let our Jack-O-Lantern rot last year. The circle of life, redneck style.


Out back we've got some good Southern staples - turnips, collards, and okra on the way.


More greens in the raised bed - mustard, kale, bok choy.


We had a nice crop of arugula, but it bolted and we ate it with homemade butternut squash ravioli. The squash was from last fall's crop. Yum - makes all the messing around in the mud so worth it!


Amy said...

Love the "circle of life, redneck style"!!

Cathy said...

I love all of the growth and gardens! Perhaps those pumpkins will come up as jack-o-lanterns and you won't have to carve them! Too funny about the boys and dogs and true! LOL! Its 82 here today....hope you are drying out there too!

flame821 said...

Sigh - I'm in PA and my peas are only half the size of yours. No pods at all, but we've had rain 9 out of the last 10 days and a tornado in between. (when did we start getting tornadoes in the Poconos?)

I can't wait to see some of my garden starting to really grow like yours is. I'm so jealous right now.

inadvertent farmer said...

Came here through 'tip junkie' LOVE your sewing studio. I am one of Laurie's (tip junkie) garden writers and wanted to invite you and your little one to join our KinderGARDENS series. It is a summer long series where we share posts about gardening with children. We also have a contest and giveaways and generally encourage and cheer each other on through the joys (and sometimes frustrations) of gardening with kids! Kim

Here is this week's installment.

Angela said...

I need youre recipe for hoemmade butternut squash ravioli. That sounds amazing!!! Is it hard?