Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh, Thank Cuteness!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The fun folks at GenerationQ Magazine are stuffing us full of adorableness this week. They are sharing pictures and stories about the cute critters (2 and 4 legged) they hold dear, and are inviting readers to do the same. So in the spirit of "Oh, Thank Cuteness" week, I'm shamelessly showing off some recent pictures of my precious ones :) .

When Louie was a bald headed, sweet-smelling infant in a tiny onesie, I didn't think he could possibly get any cuter. Then he became a happy, giggly little toddler with wispy blond hair. I figured he had to be at his cuteness peak. Before I knew it, kindergarten came along, and that little guy with the huge backpack could not have been more adorable. Now he is seven - a big kid for sure, and he still blows me away with his cuteness.


We have lots of great pictures from the last few months - first day of school, Halloween, birthday parties, random precious moments, etc., but I have to say my favorites are from Cub Scouts. Not only does Lou look great in navy, but he is always beaming when he has a scouting event.


My other cutie in uniform is my husband Delmar. He doesn't usually wear his work garb at home, but the other night we had our den of cubs over for a food-centric activity. The Chef talked a bit about healthy eating and the food pyramid, but his amazing crepes were the highlight of the evening.


The "Sous Chefs" helped out by slicing strawberries.


I tried to get some posed pictures with nice smiles, but that doesn't seem to be feasible with 1st grade boys.


Can you tell they are excited to eat???


This is the best picture I got of them enjoying their crepes...only one of them is under the table.


And I can't do a post about cuteness without mentioning Madyson, the 4th grader I watch before and after school. When Lou was little, he happily tried on twirl skirts and dresses for me. Then it got to the point that I had to 1) pay him 50 cents and 2) let him wear a manly hat for the pictures. Now he just flat out refuses to be a fitting model. Thank goodness for Mady! Not only is she sweet and beautiful, but she loves to dress up in my handmade frocks.


Here she is modeling the Leighanna, a Sis Boom pattern that we are about ready to launch. She picked out the fabric and trim herself...that girl has great taste!


She and Louie are like brother and sister - best friends one minute, mortal enemies the next. Even when they act like maniacs, they are just too dang adorable.

So that is my dose of cute for the day - now I have to go peel potatoes! I can't complain because the hot chef is doing the rest of the work. I can just sit back and be thankful :). Want to join in the Oh, Thank Cuteness fun? Just go to the first post of the week on GenQ and add your link. Hope you have a wonderful day of family, food, and maybe even a little sewing!


Anonymous said...

Madyson looks like my 3rd grader, Bethany, and my name is Leigh Ann! It's meant to be! Very cute! Who doesn't like Pom poms?

Cathy said...

Oh the cuteness of it all!!! Love the boyscout pics! Too crack me up! The Leighanna is sooo exciting!! Mady is absolutely beautiful in it! Happy Thanksgiving! You don't know how thankful I am for you and your friendship!!! Hugs!

C o w R o a d said...

What a wonderful post to wake up with! :-)

Scott at the Blue Nickel said...

great post Carla! Love the pics and that new dress has great sleeves!!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome post!

Jennifer said...

How great is Del???? Love that guy surrounded by the boyscouts..very very cute!!

Goosegirl said...

Your boys are so cute! What a blessed girl you are to have your own chef!
And Madyson is beautiful in her lovely dress. The pattern is wonderful!
I just finished a dress for my own little client Madison and can't wait to see pics of her in it.

How fun! Now back to sewing for me.