Monday, November 4, 2013

A Tutorial for Adding a Hi-Lo Hemline to the Shana!

(and the added bonus of how I did the sleeves)

Hello there sewing peoples! Jeanine here again and this time I want to show you a very quick and easy how to for getting your Shana to have a hi-lo hemline!  I ADORE hi-lo hemlines! This is likely largely due to the fact that since becoming a mom my "style" includes a lot of tights and jeggings and skinny jeans, especially as the weather gets cooler and the Shana is one of my favourite shirt patterns because of the unique collar and relaxed fit. So here I combine two things I adore! 

I cut my front pattern piece at the 27" length line (no picture). For the back I drew a line starting at the 27" line on the non fold side of the pattern piece and gently angled it down. How far down you go depends on how much of a hi-lo you are wanting to do. I went down to the 33" cutting line and find it perfect for covering the bum without looking all that extreme. Business in the front and party in the back! 

(as you can see I played with the where I wanted to cut my hemline a few times before deciding) 

For the sleeves I simple added the "bell" pattern piece to the sleeve pattern piece and folded it in line with the top of the sleeve top piece and I cut at the longest cutting line. 

Here is a back shot showing the hemline in the back, pretty isn't it?! 

The fabric is Sisboom Lucky Girl, Marcella for the main print, and the diamonds are from the Madison from the sisboom Happy Land line.

and a side view

What do you think of the hi-lo hemline?  Any little pattern change tutorials you would like to see here on the blog? Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?


Bec O said...

Looks great! Its a style I haven't tried before so I'll add it to the list! And I like Vanilla ice cream the best - unless its death by chocolate then I like that one better :-)

Kristen said...

Can you explain the sleeves a bit more? I'm all set to make done tunics... I'm a teacher and longer tunics with skinny black pants with ballet flats are my uniform (self inflicted uniform)

Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Hi Kirsten!

The sleeves are fully explained in the Shana sewalong - found here: