Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adding Flutter Sleeves to the Reversible Romper

As I'm sure you are aware the reversible romper is so super cute as is the Carly bubble romper and so I thought to myself, why not combine that adorable flutter sleeve of the carly with the reversible since we need the long legs here for the winter.  

Don't the ruffles look just darling?! I LOVE them!

For starting up all you will need to add to your cut pile is the Carly flutter sleeve. The Carly only goes up to a size 24 months, so if you are making larger sizes you will have to do a bit of pattern extension :) I did the 18month size for my 13 month old.

You will sew up the reversible romper pattern as directed up until the end of page 8. Before you move on to page 9 you will need to do the flutter sleeve addition. 

I started by clearly marking on each romper (outer and lining) where the buttons/snaps will be. 

Next you will gather the straight edge of the ruffle piece as per the Carly directions. Make sure all 4 of your ruffle sleeves are the exact same length after gathering!

This is NOT a step below!!!!! I just thought I should show you how I decided where to add the ruffle in.  

I started the ruffle at the button hole mark on the long side. For making the flutter sleeve I decided it would be easiest to not do reversible and to put the long side over the short side when snapping close.

Now, we will move back to steps :)  Pin the ruffle straight edge to the romper right sides together.

Do this for both sides on both the liner and the outer.

Sticth the flutter sleeves onto the romper over strap.

Now you continue onto page nine of the reversible romper pattern for sewing instructions and finish up! Make sure to line up the flutter sleeves and sew around the edge of them (like the Carly directions show on page 27). I then top stitched around the straps and front and back of the romper, to help the flutters stay in place.

Here are a few more pictures of the finished romper! Cheeks is rocking the flutter sleeves don't you think?!

A few outtakes to make you smile! My kid makes the best duck face out there I think. lol.

and a teething baby is hard to get a good picture of. 


 How are you liking the mini tutorials for making a small change or two to our patterns? Any that you would like to see?

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