Saturday, April 26, 2014

BUNDLE UP Pattern bundle is here!

Ready for some exciting news?

Welcome to the first installment of Bundle UP! Bundle UP is a collective of your favorite established PDF sewing pattern designers coming together to offer you a sweet deal on both hot new patterns and your favorite closet staples from past releases. 

 What makes Bundle UP different from other bundle sales? 

  • We only feature established designers whose patterns and reputation you already know and trust.
  • We create themed bundles. Our first bundle is Girls, coming next Women's. This way you get more of what you need and none of what you don't. 
  • We offer primarily </ strong>new release patterns and throw in a couple oldies but goodies to round out the bundle.</ li>
  • We allow you to Build a Better Bundle. You get to pick and choose which patterns and how many to include in your bundle (minimum of 6 patterns for bundle pricing). 
  • The more you buy, the more you save! 

Are you ready to see who is in the first Bundle UP sale?

The Scientific Seamstress contribution to the Bundle Up is the Kids Easy Fit pattern! A classic and much loved pant, great for jammies to everyday and a FAST sew! Here are some pictures of Easy Fits others have made! (Thanks for allowing us to share your images!)

Kristin made this lovely gigham oufit
(Paired with the Aline top/dress)

Jessica made this love;y fall outfit! 
(Paired with the Portrait Peasant)

Anne's "wuffled" Easy Fits!

Barbara made Easy Fits in denim!

Dianne turned the Easy Fits into bloomers by adding elastic to them!

Dianne was busy making several sets of the cutest PJ's using the Easy Fits pattern

I love how Jennifer got creative adding a cargo pocket to the Easy Fits!

and again Jennifer got creative making them into little prince pants and Mickey ones for their Disney trip!

Thanks for all the great pics Jessica 

Kristin made a cute pair of ruffled checker capri's using the Easy fit pattern

Tammy's cute and colourful outfit and Christmas jimjams!

Tomi made her Easy Fits in short length (all lengths are in the pattern)

And lastly Jeanine made Easy Fits in a nice light chambray for summer wear!
(Paired with the Simply Sweet)

The Bundle up sale runs from April 26th - May 2nd!
 I recommend not waiting until the last minute to buy - save yourself from being disappointed and get it early so you don't forget!

ow does it work?

Here is how the sale works:

These patterns are already a great bargain, marked down about 50% from their retail prices, but we have an even better deal in store for you. The more you buy, the better deal you score! You must buy at least 6 patterns to get bundle pricing, but the more you add to your cart, the cheaper they get. Here are the details:
  • $4.50 each for 6 ($27 total)
  • $4.25 each for 8 ($34 total)
  • $4.00 each for 10 or more ($40- $44 total)

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