Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jeanine Jumper get's DRESS-y! (or TOP-y)

oh yes it is true! You thought you bought JUST a romper pattern, but this Jeanine jumper pattern is literally 3 easy peasy pictures from also being a top or dress!!!! Which is only 2 steps different from being a jumper !

What you will first do is lay your front and back pieces on the edge of the paper, crotch going off the paper as you see below. 

Trace a line around the front and back to get your new shapes for the top/dress. You will need to measure your lines to make sure they are equal, unless you are going for a hi-lo hemline of course.

Then on page 9 for the directions the onlt change you will make is sewing the side seams together on both sides so you can finish the armscyes.

Carry on with the pattern directions and you will end up with a top/dress instead of a jumper! 

How easy isn't that? Will you be making the Jeanine Jumper into a top or a dress?


Paisley Roots said...

So cute! We'll have to do this too! My girls are obsessed with dresses!

Danice said...

Oh how cute. I love the pattern, and it is on my list of wishes to buy soon :)