Monday, June 9, 2014

Ruched Easy Fits! A Tutorial!

So, I have a pair of sleep shorts I LOVE wearing whether I be sleeping or awake, all day ....  
These shorts have the cutest little side ties to make them appear ruched. the construction of them is different than the EASY FITS pattern, but I thought I'd use the easy fits to make them! There is a unisex adult version and a kids version of the easy fits, so you could make these for the whole family !

 This is a one evening, after the kids go to bed, kind of a project. There is also a fair a bit of ironing involved just to warn you, but if you want to make your life easier I suggest downloading and using our free printable bias tape maker :)

To start with cut your pattern pieces as per the directions. For the length I made I cut my shorts the length of the asterisk on the pattern, next time I'll go a bit shorter, but for the blog post I figured you didn't need to see me in my short shorts haha!

You will also want to cut 
  1. 2 strips of fabric that are 2.5inches wide by the length of your shorts.
  2. 4 strips of fabric that are 1.75 inches wide by about  10inches longer than your shorts.

 After you have cut your pieces give them a little iron on the fold. so you have a clear line own the center.

Now grab those 1.75 inch strips and iron them like you would bias tape and then fold in one end and sew all the way up each one to totally enclose them.

For yur 2.5inch strips you will fold in half and iron so you have a clear center line and then fold each end (the long one) in 1/4inch and iron and hen fold one end in as well. Sew up the one folded in SHORT end. and set aside.

Now grab your 2 short pieces and fold over for a double fold hem, but only sew down in the middle as seen below. I only sewed between the pins.

Grab your 2.75 inch wide strips that should have the one short end folded under and sewn and align the sewn end with the bottom hemmed edge of the shorts along the center line for each.  This should be done on the wrong side of the fabric for the shorts with the right side of the 2.75" strip looking at you. (so to sum up, on the inside of the shorts)

Now for each short panel sew up the center line line and then sew down each edge of the long strip, this is your casing for the ties. You now have 2 rows on each short panel to thread your ties through. 
Thread through your 4 ties :)

Now finish sewing up the shorts as directed in the pattern!

Ta-Da! Fancy sleep shorts! 

Here is the pic I know you are wanting to see! The ruched look does make the booty look cute!

What changes with your summer schedule? Do you find yourself sleeping in more with the relaxed pace or waking up earlier to enjoy the sun and weather?

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Unknown said...

super cute, my girls will love these. Thanks for the tutorial!

Unknown said...

Added to my blog!

thank you

Emily Steiger said...

So cute!!!!!

bri said...

I always like seeing your legs :)

rebelandmalice said...

These look great!! I love shorts or pants with this option for the beach.