Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just for ME January! Week 3: Comfy and Cozy

Ah week 3. The week that suits me best in January weather! I know there is nothing I want to do more than spend my day being comfy and cozy.  Eat some carb loaded foods and binge watch tv series. What is your favourite series to binge watch? (or a recent binge watch you recommend?)

Our date night winner is April in her gorgeous Carolina Mae !

For my comfy and cozy look I pulled some corduroy off the shelf and got out the bowling shirt and the Judy fancy pants patterns

I lengthened the sleeve of the bowling shirt by comparing to a sleeve pattern I love the length of and a few inches extra for luck. Then sew up as per the pattern! It is that easy :)

I am in LOVE with my corduroy jammies!!!! They are sooo cozy! and warmer than flannel ones! Why is it I never have seen corduroy jammies in the store?? People are missing out on goodness here. You really MUST add this to your to sew list if you live anywhere chilly!

What will you be sewing for comfy/cozy week? Add your pics to the album in the LAB group by next sunday to be entered to win!

Now, time to bake .... 


crys0904 said...

These jim jams looks sooooo comfy!

Denita said...

Those pajamas look so cozy! Great job on the modification to the Bowling Shirt. AND corduroy, oh my!

Rachel Hodges said...

Your corduroy jammies are so cute!

Paisley Roots said...

These are sooo cute! I am going to have to find some adorable and comfy corduroy now to make jammies out of!