Friday, January 23, 2015

NEW PATTERN TIME!!! The Gabriella Fae for 12m-13/14years

Gabriella Fae is the kids version of the women s Carolina Mae!!! 

This dress/top has all the options in it for fancy and casual! Sleeveless to full sleeves, ruched overlay on the bodice or not, length options and a pretty bow option too!

Right now January 23rd until February 2nd, 2015 the Gabriella Fae is a part of the bundleUP sale. On the 16th of February the Gabriella Fae will be available in our Etsy shop.

Now, who wants to see tester pics ??  

You can read all about the women's Carolina Mae HERE.

*I left names off the kids photo's for their own privacy and protection. If you want to ask any specific questions about a dress most of the mom's have posted in our facebook group and we would love for you to join the chit chat and fun!

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