Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy almost Chocolate Day!

Happy Valentines day!!!!! Well almost chocolate day anyways.... I decided I'd post this the day before in case anyone needed a last minute idea for a quick sew for that school party!

This is the Stripwork Jumper in a size 5! (sizing is 6 months to 8 years) Did you know the Stripwork Jumper was Carla's first pattern with pieces? I didn't either, until the other day when I showed her these pics !

For this dress I was on a time crunch and seriously lacking coordinating fabric so I skipped the strips - which is a pattern option. I had 1yd of this lovely Cars fabric Sent from the lovely Tomi! (thanks!) So I did the skirt just width of fabric, a little less gathered than the pattern calls for - but still cute and great movability!! 

One thing I LOVE about this pattern is that the bodice is the perfect size for embroidering on! This is a 4x4 design from Whimsy Willow. I love the ruffle top and the straps with snaps mean easy on and off and self toddler dressing.

Also, and this is very important to note: I cut and sewed and embroidered this dress in one evening! So If you start now, your girl can have a special Valentine dress! 

(love this kids goofy grin!)

Berry just loves this dress! Her teacher informed me when I picked her up from preschool Berry was telling everyone how I made this dress for her. I might have done bought candy with the Valentine's cards, but at least the dress is handmade, haha.

May you all get the candy you want tomorrow! 

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Brianne Matlage said...

AHH! she looks so happy :)