Monday, February 2, 2015

Just for ME January wrap up!

This month was sooooo much fun!!! and the participation was amazing! You ladies all blew me away with your sewing! Today I'm going to do a little re-cap so read along and let that inspiration flow!

 Here are the week 1-3 winning looks (thanks to because there was NO way I'd want to actually choose a winner!)

April is our week 4 winner with this knock it off look using the Sisboom Dana top!

Here is a collage of SOME of the week 1 entries into the casual and chic category!

Week 2 was date night and it was another amazing week of sewing! 

Week 3 was our Comfy&cozy week and I love how different everyone interpreted this look!

and our final week was a challenging one - Knock it off! Where you had to find an inspiration source and then recreate using a pattern from the etsy shop! I made sure to post the inspiration pics with the challenge looks, and I'm sure you will agree this week is VERY inspiring!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Just for ME January!
  • Did you find this month inspiring? 
  • Did it challenge you to sew? 
  • Should we run this again?
  • Anything we should do different? 
  • Any other challenge ideas you would like us to do?
Share away! We'd love to hear YOUR thoughts! And as always for more info on these looks and an in general fun and supportive sewing group please join us in THE LAB! (it is not as scary as it sounds, I promise... buwahahahahaha!!! But really, we'd love to have you and are not threatening)


MSL said...

Definitely do it again! Even though I didn't make all 4 weeks, it really pushed me to sew with a plan, which I love. ;) I'll finish my knock off this week and some day the date night will get finished too. LOL

Tara said...

Yes! Loved it. Do it again!!

Stillness said...

What about an up cycle challenge by recreating existing clothing into something new or alteration challenge for adjusting or altering clothing to fit after weight loss or weight gain, before during or after pregnancy, or modifications needed for medical necessities?

Or a challenge to make clothing into items we live with in our homes or hone decor as clothing inspiration, since as "they" say, the colors in your home indicate the best choices for wardrobe or the opposite, go to your closet for inspiration on colors and patterns to decorate your home.

Or a texture or 3D challenge, adding texture or dimension to our clothing.

Or art challenge, creating our own fabric by dyeing, stamping, painting, distressing, quilting, and making that fabric into clothing

prairiegirl said...

This was such a great challenge! I am so excited to have actually managed to get three out of the four done - the fourth (my date night) is almost done too! It was inspiring and motivating to see all the other projects come together in the album too! I think the Knock it Off was my absolute favourite. It pushed me to do things that I haven't done in years and to have the confidence (which is usually sadly lacking) to try to modify patterns to create the look I wanted. I would sign up for another challenge like that in a heartbeat! (or even just more sewing for me). Thanks for such a fun sewing month!!!

Mrs. Podge said...

Yes, please do this again! I need more incentive to sew for myself!

Anonymous said...

It was a great challenge! I only was able to complete 1 week but loved seeing all the creations!

Leanne Miller said...

I most definately had the best time of sewing in January. Please have this again, l managed to make something for every weeks challenge and loved it to bits. I normally do not sew for myself but will absolutely be making for myself now. What a great bunch of wonderful ladies you all are.