Monday, April 27, 2015

Shelling Shorties Tutorial!

Have you pinned a pair of these little shorties lately? I know I did, and Judy did because we chatted our love ... and then talked about how to get the look without a new pattern and this is what happened! 

The Perfectly Preppy Skort pattern is PERFECT and perfectly easy to modify into these shelling shorties!  and how perfectly adorable don't they look with a nice flowing short shirt! 
The shirt is the top of the Carly bubble romper with a gathered skirt added to it btw :) 

Guys, this is how easy it is.... Take the bloomers pattern, do not overlap shaded bits - it needs the little extra width for these and then tape the yoke to the bloomer bottoms. 

You'll sew them up as described for sewing the shorts. then decide where you want the elastic front gathering to be. I ironed a crease so it would be easy to see and mark. 

Then I grabbed a ruler and marked how high I wanted the elastic to go. Cheeks is in 2T size and I went up 4.5inches. or just under half way.

Then cut a piece of elastic the at max stretch is the length of your line. and pin at the top and at the bottom. Then you simply sew on the line and keep the elastic stretched as you go.

Here you can see it sewed. 

I added little bows to the front at the top of the gathering. you don;t have to, I just thought it was cute.

Now, bring on the summer!!!!

Will you be making some shelling shorties this summer?