Monday, May 11, 2015

Matching May

It is May!!!! Welcome new month and a new theme! If you get the newsletter you already saw this last week, but if not, welcome to the party!

May 7-15:
 Since this week includes Mother's day for us in the Northern continent The theme is to match someone who is a mother/mentor figure in your life. You can by wearing something in their favourite style (ish) print, or make the same pattern for you and them if you are lucky enough to still have them in your life.

May 17-23
  • Mini Matching!
    Make a child's outfit and the matching doll version
  • Make a clothing piece for yourself and something to match - accessory, outfit for a kid, something for your pet, etc.
 Feel free to get creative! just use a Scientific Seamstress or Sisboom pattern in there for your focal piece! 

May 24-30
Match a favourite tv character/movie character. Be creative and have fun! If the yhave been on a screen let's see your look! ps. Ms. Frizzle anyone???? 

Which week are you most excited to sewalong with?

1 comment:

Danice said...

Oh, they all sound great. I will likely do the mini matching girl and doll outfits :)