Tuesday, June 23, 2015

cute as a button(up tank romper) can be!!! TUTORIAL

I love rompers on my kids! So cute and easy, no finding a matching (or not matching...) top and bottom for them to wear. and very sun friendly.

Today I mashed 2 patterns together to get this tank button up romper! The bow was a last minute addition and not in the tutorial.... but I'm sure you guys can figure it out if you want it, or ask in the LAB group on Facebook! 
To complete this look you will need the Sisboom Tobago (or Tortola if you want a ladies version) and the Easy fits for kids (or adult  if doing a lady version)

Cut your easy fits to the pattern. I did a 4 inch is inseam length. Really just eyeball it and better safe than sorry, easier to cut off a bit than add to it.

The tank you will cut the back and back facing as per the pattern. The front you will cut a mirror image pair - with an extra inch added to the front of each piece and the facing pieces.


First I want you to take your front pieces and iron the edge over for your placket - do not sew. fold 1/4 inch and then fold 3/4 inch so you have a 3/4 placket - for small buttons this is perfect. If you want big buttons you will want to add extra room to the front in the cutting so you can increase the placket width.

Now sew your facings to the front along both sides as per the tank directions. just make sure you unfold your placket to sew the facings on. and sew the back and facings as well.

Now you will follow the directions in the pattern for the straps and putting the front to the back.

Then Refold the placket area and then stitch it down. Remember for girls the left goes over the right 

pin the tank fronts together overlapping and stitch. I left my pin in there to help the placket area stay together as I sewed - less fabric wiggling about.

**At this point I really feel the need to apologize for these pictures .... This is what happens when you sew and do tutorial pics at nighttime. sorry for the quality.**

Now sew up the sides of the tank as per the pattern. and the easy fits - but don't do the waist elastic. Finish the bottom edges of the tank and the top edge of the shorts.

Next, if the tank width is a bit more than the easy fits width - like mine was, add a little elastic to the tank sides and stretch while sewing. This brought mine in the inch ish that was needed to make it the same width. Yes there will be gathers when you sew to the shorts and it won;t be flat... but we are doing elastic casing in the waistband so you won;t even notice.

mark the sides of the shorts with a pin and place the tank inside - right sides together. pin sides and then pin about.

Sew along the top edge

and then sew another line 1/2 inch ish below that all around

Now flip the fabric flap up, and sew along the top edge - remember to leave an inch open to thread the elastic through. I used the elastic measures from the easy fits for the waistband.

Now do your buttons and holes or just do buttons for the top half and faux for the bottom half (like I did) The buttons do help with ease of getting it on and off so I don;t recommend faux all the way.

TA DA!!!! All done and cute as a button(up tank romper) can be!

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Paisley Roots said...

That is such an adorable little romper! Love her new haircut!