Tuesday, June 2, 2015

one piece the shannon shift

Guys, This is sooooooo easy it is almost embarrassing to call this a tutorial.... If you want the Shannon as a one piece pattern - just tape the pieces together as seen below. 

yep. it is that easy .... 

 I also did a half lining though since I was out of bias tape and didn't feel like making any... 
Sew around the armholes, right sides together. clip the curves.

Then bring up the sides - lining to lining and outer to outer as shown below for both sides of the shift:

3 Step by step pics of bringing the sides together if you need more detail:

Back to the tutorial:

once your sides are sewn up bast stitch the neckline lining and main together - wrong sides together and then add the collar as per the pattern and finish up the zipper as per the pattern. 

If you make one this June (015) don't forget to link up for a chance to win!

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