Monday, July 13, 2015

Flutters on a Peasant! a quick tutorial!

Welcome to yet another Sisboom pattern hack! If you want to see more check out our pinboards! We have them for all the patterns and hacks always get pinned :) 

Grab your Leighanna peasant pattern and let's get started!

To make flutter sleeves you take the sleeve pattern so you know the length to cut your flutter rectangles.  I just estimated on the width. enough for the casing and the hem and about 1.5 inches in between. 

Next sew the side seams together for the main dress

Grab some bias binding. single fold works best. and then pin around both arm holes and sew in that crease as sen in the second photo down here:

Now you will fold the bias down and sew to enclose that edge.

Sew the hems on your flutters and zig zag or serge the short ends of the flutters and then fold downthe end and pin onto the sleeve hole. line up the tops with the main dress and sew along the bias binding line. (yes, this is the easy way... you could also put on and fold into the bias binding, but this was some late night sewing and for a kids item it is good for play even if not fancy inside....)

Then you just finish your top edge with the casing as per the pattern skipping the slit. and hem the bottom.

All done and plain adorable! I love the narrowness of this peasant - perfect for adding on some fun like free motion applique or embroidery :)


Auntie Creates said...

I love love love that flamingo! What a fun embellishment!

Saraphina Ziona said...

What a fun project!! I love its whimsy!

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