Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Making the Leighanna a Drop Waist Dress

You know how some days you get an idea seeeeewwwwww awesome it just needs to happen - that was this outfit for Cheeks! 

Grab your Sisboom Leighanna pattern and sewalong for making it a drop waist skirt! 

Yep, THAT easy! and under 2yards so perfect for the August sewalong challenge!!

The Hug Life graphic is heat transfer vinyl ironed on (source prefers to remain unnamed). and the thug princess kitty is custom by StitchART free motion applique

Skirt fabric is Sisboom's Caravalle line and top fabric is from Fabricland, Canada.


MAD14kt said...

This is so ADORABLE!!! LOVE IT ;)

Shanna said...

I love that tricycle picture! The dress is simply awesome!

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Paisley Roots said...

I adore these sayings outfits! She's too adorable!