Friday, August 21, 2015

Perfectly Preppy Skort goes to Pants!

Now I know what you are thinking; "why should I modify the preppy bloomers into capris when I can use the easy fits pattern with ease?"

Here is the answer to that! Yes the easy fits are FAB! and great for little capri's under dresses. BUT these have the flat front of the easy fits, and are a narrower fit. 

and lucky for you - VERY easy to change up! 

If you followed the making the preppy into shorties tutorial you know about adding the top length already. But I've made a little graphic of the pattern change anyways to clear up any confusion!!

and they really are just perfect for under dresses. just peek out the bottom, but add a little modesty for play (and an extra layer for play protection ... 

So there you go, the pattern with so many options it comes in chapters just gave you TWO more reasons to pick it up!!!! Plus as you have likely noticed by now - we've lowered all the prices in our Etsy shop! 
We love you and are so thankful you keep on using our patterns and recommending them! Thank you. Really and truly - thanks!!!! 


Paisley Roots said...

so cute! Totally perfect for the fall!

Tina Voth said...

I'm soo excited to try this! Perfect for pj pants or lounge pants. Just another reason why SS is my favourite designer. Keep the tutorials coming!