Wednesday, October 14, 2015

drop that waist and wear a tunic!

Time for a woman's tutorial!!! (Although to be honest this will work just as well with the Sisboom Leighanna :) )

So get out your Devon pattern and let's get started!

First measure yourself for how long you want your tunic to be AND where you want the casing line. 
I marked a outtie triangle for where the casing line would be so when I cut I would just know for front and back. No guessing and measuring after cutting.

Once cut, draw a nice straight line from one triangle outtie to the other.

Now I measured my elastic to be the same as my waist where I wanted the cinching to be. 

tack the elastic down at both triangle outties and then stretch and pin in the middle.

You will now sew and stretch the elastic while you sew. 

Then complete your dress! I lowered the front slit a bit and skipped the ties. 

Easy peasy and cute! Time to put on your tunic and tights and grab your pumpkin spice treat!


Patricia Garnham said...

Nice one. Even better lined in flannel or jersey

Foolish Feathers said...

"pumpkin spiced treat" hahaha it does seem they are adding pumpkin spice to EVERYTHING these days!

I love the length, a tunic is perfect for the fall, thanks for sharing!