Friday, October 30, 2015

NEEEIIIGHHHHH!! Here is a how to make an animal hood for the all the rage raglan tutorial!

Costume sewing is done here!!! WAHOO!!!! I do NOT enjoy costume sewing as much as Carla does.... but the girls HAD to be horses.... So here is a quick how to change the hood cutting for making a hood mane. 

So for this get our your All the Rage Raglan and Easy Fits patterns and here is a very basic how to: 

sandwich mane in between hood pieces and sew (this was by FAR the worst part... 5 layers of fleece = yuck!)  
Then place ears in between hood front and hood main/main. a couple inches off center on both sides and sew the hood front to the hood main. Hem front of hood.

A also added a little tail to their easy fits :) 

and now they are ready to be horses! 

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Skirt Fixation said...

I'm going to make one of these for my horse loving boy! Thanks for linking up to the Top Stitchers Sew along.