Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Little Leighannas

Jennifer and I are so in love with the Leighanna pics that have been rolling in! As a dress or top, with or without pom-poms, this pattern brings out the cutest poses!


What do these two cuties have in common? Well, not only are they wearing decked out bell-sleeved Leighanna dresses, but they both have blogger mommies who are incredible seamstresses and huge Sis Boom fans! To see more adorable smiles from these two, check out Christine's blog and Jenny's blog.


These two are sporting feminine little Leighannas made from West Indies Marie. Paired with bright fun leggings, they make for perfect winter wear. Both of these little blondies are spunky and sweet, just like their pretty mamas Mindy and Jeanne!


Wild colors and demure little smiles - I love it! These older little girls (sorry, I can't bear to call them tweens yet) look stunning in their funky ruffled tops. For the ties, Beth used rick-rack and Tom used velvet ribbon. By the way, the pattern contains instructions for drawstring and mock drawstring (elasticized) necklines.


Two of a kind, birds-of-a-feather, Marlo and Cathy never cease to amaze! Marlo made a beautiful gown-length peasant for a friend's gorgeous daughter. Cathy made her darling Devon a mod top to wear on Thanksgiving. Jennifer posted the picture on her blog, and we got so many requests for a mama version that we decided to make that happen and name the pattern Devon :) .


And finally, a couple of cuties photographed up at Sis Boom land. Both are wearing dresses made from Queen Street. Bells are a favorite this time of year, but the one on the left shows off the basic sleeve option. There is also an elasticized sleeve option (pics to come). The one on the right has blue and white bells with pom-poms that match the fabric perfectly! Jennifer says A Treasure Nest is THE source for such special trims!


Cathy said...

I LOVE seeing all of the pictures together!!!! Such a wonderful pattern....definitely a must have!!! Thanks so much Carla!!!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

I love this pattern! It's my new favorite! Next one on the list for my daughter is the one without the ruffles on the sleeves. I love the clean lines of that look. Oh I have oogled those blue and white pom poms!! thank you for sharing the source!

Heathersue said...

Everyone looks so pretty in their Leighannas!

Anonymous said...

Oh they all look so adorable in their Leighannas!!!!! I just adore this pattern and plan on making many more very soon! Carla, you rock these patterns!!!!
Thank you!


Christi Harrison said...

Thank you for posting the free circle printable. it's exactly what I needed. I was making one on my own but I felt uneasy since it wasn't perfect. I am making a tree skirt for my mother in law and this printable is relaxing me so much. THANK YOU!