Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tobago gets a ruffled skirt!

I just HAD to try it out and see how the Tobago (it goes up to size 13/14!) would look as a hi-lo and as a dress and layered. Cute? I think so! ... but Cheeks does tend to make everything look adorable haha.

To start with you are going to need to draw a pretty steep curve on your bodice front piece. A few inches up on the fold line meeting the corner for the side seam

on the back piece you want to even out that hemline to a gentle curve

When you put your front and back pieces together you will have this - now, you could sew it up like this for an adorable baby crop(ish) looking top) or you can keep going for the skirt. 

Either way - sew the shirt as directed in the pattern before moving on to the ruffled skirt option.

(Cut your skirt strips according to the length you want the dress/top to be...  ) 

Sew the strips together at each short end.

 Now set your stitch length to the longest you have and sew two lines leaving nice long tails (see what I'm holding) for gathering the skirt portion.

Grab those long strings by the bobin threads and pull to gather. Gather until your skirt is the same width as the shirt and then put the right sides together of the shirt top and the skirt piece and pin in place.

Make sure your stitch length is back at normal and sew the skirt to the top! Finish te seams via the zigzag stitch or serger and then topstitch on the good side!

All done and oh so cute for fall! 

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