Friday, December 5, 2014

A Giving Christmas with a FREE pattern

Today we are a part of the blog tour happening at Paisley Roots, a giving Christmas, where kids are getting into the crafting and giving spirit of the season.

My girls both love to do crafts of all kinds, but I prefer sewing related crafting, so our project today is the FREE Beauregard bear pattern from Sisboom

This free pattern comes in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large. We did the small size since that is easier for their little hands to work with and less time consuming to sew and stuff with fluff.

The kids each picked their fabric from the scraps pile and pinned on the pattern piece. I did all the cutting. then they helped me sew at the sewing machine (which pretty much means sat on my lap and watched)

I tried getting them to stuff their bears, Berry did GREAT and got all the fluffy inside, Cheeks however, was a little confused on where the stuffing was meant to be located haha.  

and in 30minutes time we had two cute little bears for the girls to give big squishy hugs too and wrap up for a friend/relative!

Will you be crafting with your kids this December and making some handmade gifts?


rebelandmalice said...

Thanks for sharing. This will be such a fun project for my littles to make.

Sew Starly said...

So cute! We might have to make one of these this week. Lol at Cheeks and her stuffing I am actually pretty impressed that she has it so neatly on top!