Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Decorating!

It's beginning of December and time to decorate for the winter holidays.  My decorations are a mix of Snowmen and Santa, but of course nothing is complete without reindeer.  If it weren't for the reindeer, Santa couldn't bring the toys!  SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress has released a FREE Rachel Reindeer pattern for your decorating pleasure.

A huge Welcome to Brianne showing us some ideas for fun holiday decorating! Leave her some holiday love in the comments section !

  reindeer header 

 There are so many ways to use Rachel Reindeer in your holiday decorating.
    1. Wreath
    2. On your tree, if you have one
    3. String several together to make a reindeer garland
    4. Sew up 9 and harness them to a sleigh
I made 3 little Rachels.  Their first stop was my mantel.  Combined with beads, a little tree that was handmade by my Italian friend, and a Germany advent calendar, I call it my European fireplace.

The fabric is a holiday cotton from Joann's last year.reindeer1

Second stop, the reindeer landed on the living room side table with a more modern flair of decoration.  Fear not, you can find the same items in the $1 bins at Target!  The Rachels were quite comfortable here, honestly.  I rather liked it too, but there was one more place for them to go.


 Third and final stop, each Rachel got a place with her own bow on the staircase.  This immediately became my favorite and where they have stayed.  They deserve to be front and center. reindeer5

Have you downloaded the Free Rachel Reindeer pattern?  How are you decorating with her?


adaynasmile said...

Cute! Love the fabric choice. They seem quite at home on the stairs. 😊

adaynasmile said...

Cute! Love the fabric choice. They seem quite at home on the stairs. 😊

Inspinration said...

I love the sleigh idea! You do not have to make duo's though, just imagine them going up your stairs just a few after each other and a 2D sleigh!

With Love in Every Stitch said...

They're adorable!
I love how you moved them round til they found a home.
Mine is currently in the middle of my wreath .. It wasn't where I'd planned putting her but my Husband likes her there.
I'll post a photo on the Scirntific Seamstress FB page.

Mrs. Podge said...

I love your little reindeer, Brianne! They look so cute, especially on the railing.

prairiegirl said...

All three of their homes are great but I really love the stair rail!! 😀

Anonymous said...

The 'Rachel's' look very comfortable in their new home. They came out so lovely!

Rach & Co.

Rhonda said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing your ideas.