Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm happy to say that my new eBook is listed on YCMT, and I'm back in the swing of making gifts! I used my Bowling Shirt Pattern to make these presents for some of my rowdy girlfriends. Actually, the shirts are for their kids, but hopefully they will bring back memories of all the crazy things we did back in the day. Things like...

...going out for sushi. We girls could put some hurt on a "boat!"

...gossiping around the chimnea on warm summer nights.

...planting flats and flats of peas so that we could isolate the chloroplasts from the seedlings. There is no better bonding experience than cleaning up the gooey green aftermath of that procedure!

This last one is for my Louie. One our former neighbors used to say he was a "card," so this fabric always makes me think of him.

There only FOUR days left of the "Thrifty Under Fifty" challenge, and I still have lots to do. I still need to make pajamas for Louie, pants/shirts for Louie, finish three dollies, two name pillows, a quilted runner, and some handbags. I'd better get to work!!!


Courtney said...

LOVE them! Where did you find such a cute pattern?! :)

Great job on getting the vest pattern online, it looks great!

Kim said...

Cute shirts Carla!! My favorite is the SUSHI one even though I'm not a fan of Sushi! lol!

Kim :)

Kris said...

Carla, I just love the way you really personalize everything you're doing. The shirts turned out awesome. As always, you did an amazing job on that pattern!

minnietoo said...

Hi Carla! I just found your blog it is great! Love all your patterns! In fact I just finished some easy fit pants and the raglan shirt for my son. I posted them over on Disboards if you want to see.

Your Christmas gifts look great!

i can't wait to read more!

Karey said...

Please make a pattern for the shirt in larger sizes :)