Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello Dolly!


A few weeks ago, Kimberbell Kids Dolls made their debut on I had the pleasure of helping Kim, the owner of YCMT, bring them to life in eBook form. These cuties are based on Kim's wonderful applique designs. Our objective was to take her 2D drawings and turn them into huggable 3D friends. We spent many hours brainstorming about size, structure, materials, etc. Many "interesting" prototypes were made. In fact, right around Halloween, dozens of limbs were strewn about my dining room. It felt like "Nightmare on Sesame Street" - LOL!!! Anyway, after extensive research, development, and testing we arrived at Dolly's final form.


Dolly is a cuddly 24" tall, and is crafted from materials that are inexpensive and easy to come by. She is amazingly FUN and EASY to make, too. I love trying out different hairstyles and outfits! In fact, I spent the past few days making dolls to give to some special little girls in my life. Since Kim and I have lots of outfits and accessories planned for 2009, I decided to do a little R&D while I was at it :) .


Meet Jenna, the cheerleader. She is an adorable little redhead who is full of energy and spunk. She comes from a long line of LSU fans. Geaux Tigers!!!


Meet Emily, the baker. Her dad is a chef, so she really knows her way around the kitchen. This girl is as sweet as cherry pie!


And last but not least, meet Marissa, the girl in Paris. She loves shopping with her brother, mom, and grandma. Doesn't she look fabulous in purple?

Can you tell I'm having too much fun with these dollies??? I still have huge list of gifts to make, though, so I need to put away the stuffing, yarn, and felt for now. My focus for the rest of this week is going to be finishing the gifts that need to be mailed. The goal is to make a big post office run on Saturday morning. I will then spend the remaining days before Christmas making gifts to put under the tree for my nearest and dearest :) .


crystal_crtr2 said...

Carla those are all so cute. I haven't even started on my doll pattern yet. I want to make a couple of these for Jenna's bed. They look so soft and cuddly.

Kris said...

CARLA! HOLY COW! Seeing these dolls come to life is so rewarding. Your talent is unbelievable. I'm giddy about each one- those are some lucky little girls who are going to receive those this year! I'm dying over that red-headed cheerleader. Oh my, she's cute.

Courtney said...

So, SO cute!!!! Love all the details: the mary-janes, heals, socks, etc! Great job!

Shelli said...

Carla, Carla, Carla, when do you sleep? These are fabulous, and every little girl I know would love one. In fact, the little girl in me wants one too! Love them all!

Dawn said...

Those are all so adorable!! I love the little baker with her pie. Some very lucky girls are going to be very happy!!

Little Buttercups said...

Too CUTE! Love the attention to all the detail! Great work!

karmiclaw said...

WOW Carla! Your dolls are amazing! I especially love Emily the Baker! Too , too cute!!!

Unknown said...

Omigosh!!! These dolls turned out amazing. I am going to attempt my first one next week. (I am off for a whole week.) I can't wait. i have high expectations!! Too cute!!

teresajoy said...

I love these!! One of these days, no one in this house will be sick, and I'll have some time to make one or two!