Sunday, December 21, 2008

The final push!

I mailed out 10 packages yesterday, which is definitely a post office record for me. Included in those boxes: 3 tote bags, 2 aprons, 3 bowling shirts, 4 dollies, 1 pair of pajama pants, 2 name pillows, and 5 loaves of bread (Del's contribution). Almost everything was made during the Thrifty Under Fifty Challenge, and I came in well under budget (I think my total was something like $7). I think I've already posted about everything but the name pillows and the pj's, so here they are:



They are gifts for Del's niece and nephew (who is also a Delmar). The fun pillows are made from the Kimberbell Kids Personalized Name Pillow eBook from YCMT. I used the machine embroidery version from SWAK embroidery. The pants are Easy Fits (of course).

I have about 2.5 days left to make two pair of grown-up sized jammie bottoms, a quilted bed runner, a few photo/decoupage projects, and lots of little embroidery projects. I'm pretty sure I will be able to finish it all, but it is definitely feeling like "crunch time."

So what is everyone else up to...are you still crafting/sewing??? If so, what are you making? Post a comment (hopefully letting me know that I am NOT alone in my last minute frenzy), and you will be entered to win a CarlaC eBook of your choice! I'll do the drawing Tuesday (12/23) p.m. Hopefully by that point I will be finished up and wrapping presents!


Dawn said...

You're not alone! I'm just finishing up a duet apron for my neice's 16th bday today. Then I have 3 frames and 1 ornament to make. Then lots and lots of wrapping :)

Jamie said...

I'm right there with you! I have a table runner to sew, hopefully 3 pairs or pajamas to make (I may break down and buy them) and a bunch of gift-in-a-jar type things to make. How many days til Christmas? Not enough, that's for sure!

littlebuttercups said...

Oh WOW! I'm glad to know there is a "Still Crafting Right Up To Christmas" Club! I vote Carla president! Anyhoo, I have 9 felt cupcakes, 3 aprons and 3 chef hats left! This can be done, must be done! Right after coffee refill!
Good Luck To All!

Courtney said...

Love the purples you did for the name pillow! Great job getting so much done and off so early! This contest was so great for that!

Thankfully, I finished Christmas already. But, I have a ton going still! 1 order for a friend to give to her Mom for Christmas (includes diaper bag/Mimi bag) to be picked up tomorrow night and has not been started. 1 (BIG! from several of us) present for a good friend's baby shower on Saturday (also includes diaper bag, and also not started!). Making a wrap sling to take to a good friend Tuesday that just had her 2nd baby and really needs a sling!!! Want to make aprons for my 3 girls and myself to wear for pictures while making Christmas cookies. And, desperately wanting/trying to finish my eBook up so I can submit it! AHH! It is going to be a busy week!

Good luck to you!

jennebeker said...

(Hope this isn't duplicate posting - things are being weird.) After receiving an unexpected piano a week ago, my sewing area was dissolved into chaos and am I just digging out. I've had to give promises instead of finished projects to some family and am hoping to get to a few more before Christmas.

Leslie said...

I'm right there with you!! I have a rag quilt, 2 dollie rag quilts, a name pillow, and a dollie nightgown to finish!! (Not to mention all of my easy fit pants I made - 9 pairs!! - still need elastic put in them!) Where did all the time go?! AND I'm out of white thread so I have to make a trip to Joanns!! Good Luck - I hope you finish everything!!


karmiclaw said...

Don't worry Carla, you are not alone! I am planning to sew 2 pairs of pajama pants tomorrow for my kiddos. I went to JoAnn's today and picked up the fabric! This will be my first time trying out the easy fit pants ebook, so wish me luck!!! I also have a few more decoupage projects left as well! :o)

Jennifer said...

Am I ever!! I am still sewing like crazy. I have one more outfit to make for dolly, made a snuggie type blanket for the little one and need to do a pin cushion. I still have two more outfits to complete for the big day but havent found the right pattern to use yet. Have fun!